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Nikon Prostaff 5 20-60×82 Fieldscope Review

Nikon Prostaff 5 20-60x82 Fieldscope

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Nikon maintains the quality in producing the spotting scope. Most of their models of scope are outstanding due to the good-quality optics and other materials used for manufacturing. The Nikon Prostaff 5 20-60×82 Fieldscope is the wonderful one in respect of magnification, the objective lens, and eyepiece shape. It has 20-60x a wide range of options for setting the magnification that offers you the desired size of the images of the object. 82 mm large aperture means the scope can receive maximum light that forwarded to the eyepiece to get the image clarity. When you are planned to observe the long-distance objects, this well-equipped scope will provide you the full pledge viewing opportunity.

Feature & Specifications
Price$$$ Check Latest Price
Editor Rating4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)
Eyepiece StyleAngled
Scope Magnification20-60x
Objective Lens Diameter82 mm
Lens CoatingMulti-Coated Lens
FOV @ 1000 yds109 ft @ 20x
Prism Type Porro Prism
Minimum Focus Distance 20 ft
Exit Pupil Diameter20x: 4.1 mm
Eye Relief (mm)16.9mm @ 20x
Item Size (Length x Width)14.8 x 3.7 in

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Features of Nikon Prostaff 5 20-60×82 Fieldscope

45-Degree Angle Eyepiece

Usually, two types of eyepiece are available for using with the spotting scope. They are straight and angle eyepiece and both have respective characteristic. The Nikon Prostaff 5 20-60×82 Fieldscope is in the position of 45-degree angle from its main body shape. When you need to observe nature in the ground line, this type is appropriate. By setting a car mount, you can view the object from the vehicle. You can adjust the body and eye position with this angled eyepiece easily and comfortably.

82 mm Objective Lens

The image clarity is mostly depending on the size of the objective lens. Spotting scope with large aperture gathers increased amounts of light. If the huge light goes to the eyepiece, you can get clear and bright images of the object. Nikon Prostaff 5 20-60×82 Fieldscope comes with 82 mm lens that is large enough for receiving sufficient light. So, such the amounts of light produce razor sharp images.

20-60x Magnification

Magnification of the spotting scope is the capacity of enlarging the image. By the Nikon Prostaff 5 20-60×82 Fieldscope, you can view the image of an object minimum 20 times and maximum 60 times large. In the whole range of the magnification, you will find the clear and contrast images due to the good-quality optics of this scope.

Porro Prism

Prism is used for proper positioning of the images and maintaining the appropriate light fusion on the eyepiece view. This scope has the Porro prism that is good in quality. Using Porro prism inside the scope is for flipping the images left to right along with right-side up. It makes the internal design of the surface texture that minimizes the light loss inside the scope.

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Multi-coated Optics

Spotting scopes optic is available with single coating for usual light transmission. The other chemical layering systems are fully coating, multi-coating and fully multi-coating. All super quality scopes have more coating systems on the optics. This multi-coating of the Prostaff 5 20-60×82 Fieldscope transmits the light accurately for making the image crispy and bright.

Zoom Eyepiece

The zoom eyepiece of the Prostaff 5 20-60×82 Fieldscope has the zoom eyepiece. Zoom eyepiece is suitable for increasing the size of the image at any point of magnification. So, you can get your desired size of the image within the range of the magnification.

Water Proofing

The Prostaff 5 20-60×82 Fieldscope has the sealed optics that is necessary for waterproofing system. Such waterproof body construction of this scope has made it extreme weather friendly. When you face rainfall at any hunting program, you can easily use this waterproof spotting scope.

Fogproof Technology

Nitrogen filled housing is the great technology for making the scope fog proof at the time of viewing. A fogproof spotting scope is usable in a high humid situation. When you go for hiking, the humidity may much more than the usual at ground. In this situation, a fogproof scope can give you the additional opportunity of clear appearance in the scope.


Sunshade comes with this scope is suitable for reducing the glare. The Prostaff 5 20-60×82 Fieldscope has the sunshade that protects the objective lens from the wet and ultra-sun heat. It also prevents the dust and debris that can affect the scope. So, you can do the interruption-free viewing.

Eyepiece Travel Pouch and Lens Cover

There is an eyepiece travel pouch comes with this scope. You can carry the eyepiece and related accessories easily by this transportation bag. The lens cover protects the objective lens for wet and dust.

View through Carrying Case

The carrying case comes with the Prostaff 5 20-60×82 Fieldscope is the lucrative one. Transportation of the spotting scope from one place to another is easy and comfortable by this case.


  • Wide range of magnification provides handful options of getting the image sizes
  • 45-degree zoom eyepiece is perfect for enlarging the size of the image at any point of the magnification
  • 82 mm objective lens with huge light-gathering capacity and produce the clear image
  • Angle eyepiece of this scope is perfect for viewing the flat surface objects
  • Usable from the vehicle due to the angle option
  • Body and eye position adjustable with the angle shape of the scope
  • Cost-effective and less weighted scope is inexpensive and easy carrying
  • Porro prism is appropriate for flipping the image for exact position
  • Waterproof body construction by O-ring sealed perfect for extreme weather situation.
  • Nitrogen filled housing for making fogproof that is fit for using at high humid situation
  • Glare reducing sunshade protect the lens from wet and sun heat
  • Eyepiece transportation bag eases the carrying the accessories of the scope
  • Suitable lens cover protects the scope’s lens from dust and debris
  • View through carrying case facilitates the scope’s transportation


  • Someone did not get sharp image

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question-1: What is the eye relief distance of this scope?

Answer: The eye relief-distance of the Prostaff 5 20-60×82 Fieldscope is 16.9 mm.

Question-2: Does the scope appropriate for long distance viewing?

Answer: The optical configuration of this scope is 20-26×82 mm that is enough for long distance viewing.

Question-3: Can I spot the bullet hole at 200 yards?

Answer: Yes, you can easily spot the bullet hole at 200 yards.

Question-4: Does the eyepiece rotatable?

Answer: No, the eyepiece of this scope is not rotatable. You can adjust your body position with this angle eyepiece of this scope.

Question-5: What is the maximum field of view of this scope?

Answer: The maximum field of view of this spotting scope is 109 feet at 1000 yards.

Question-6: Can I use the scope at any extreme atmospheric situation?

Answer: Yes, this scope is waterproof; you can use this at any extreme weather situation.

Question-7: Can I set a camera adapter with this scope?

Answer: Yes, you can set a camera adapter with this scope. You need to buy it separately.

Question-8: Have any carrying case with this scope?

Answer: Yes, a view through carrying comes with this scope that facilitates the scope’s transportation.


In conclusion, the Prostaff 5 20-60×82 Fieldscope is really a work worthy spotting scope currently available on the market. Well-equipped and large objective lens for light-gathering, most real buyers of this model are extremely happy with their purchase and would love to recommend to others. Superior optics and wide magnification have converted the scope unbeatable among many others in the scope’s field.

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