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Konus 7120 20x-60x80mm Spotting Scope Review

Konus 7120 20x-60x80mm Spotting Scope

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The Konus 7120 20x-60x80mm Spotting Scope with Tripod and Case is with high-quality mechanical construction that provides you the excellent image quality and exact viewing of the object. It has the 20-60x magnification that is perfect for the task of hunting, bird watching and the photography. Such magnification will ensure the desired image size within the certain range. This scope has the huge light gathering capacity and helps to create the clear and bright images of the object. Watching nature or shooting at plain surface area will be enjoyable since it comes with the angle shaped spotting scope. Hope, you will be highly satisfied with the work worthiness of this technically advanced-level scope.

Features of the Konus 7120 20x-60x80mm Spotting Scope with Tripod and Case

20-60x Magnification

The magnification of a scope determines the desired image size of the targeted object. Usually, scopes have a range of magnifications and at any point of magnification; you can get a certain size of the picture. By the Konus 7120 20x-60x80mm Spotting Scope with Tripod and Case, you will find the object’s image minimum 20 times bigger and maximum 60 times. As the scope is superior in quality, you will get the images with the maximum detailed at any point of magnification.

Zoom Eyepiece

The zooming system is the most remarkable quality of the spotting scope. By using the eyepiece comes with scope users magnify and elaborate the image of the object. At any magnification level, you can get the more details of the image by zooming it reasonably. This spotting scope comes with the zoom eyepiece that can stretch the object’s image and deliver you the exact appearance.

80 mm Objective Lens

Objective Lens is the most vital part of the spotting scope. If this lens is big, increased amount of light enters into the housing. The image of the object you find is bright and sharp. The Konus 7120 20x-60x80mm Spotting Scope with Tripod and Case is having 80 mm objective lens that is extra-large and collects huge light and create razor-sharp images of your targeted object.

Multi-coated Optics

Optics of the spotting scope is another remarkable aspect. If the quality of the optics is good, the object’s images will be fine in quality. Usually, the kinds of optics are fully coated, multi-coated and fully multi-coated. Here, the multi-coated optics come with this spotting scope. This kind of optics is super in quality and transmits accurate light for producing the crisp image of the object. So, you will obviously get the desired view of the object you target.

Angle Shaped Scope

Generally, two shapes of spotting scope available; the straight shape and the Angled shape scope. Both have the different facility in respect of viewing nature and such. The Konus 7120 20x-60x80mm Spotting Scope with Tripod and Case is angled shape one. It is 45-degree angled from the main body of the scope. This shape is suitable for plain surface viewing. If you want to see nature and such object on the same surface, this angled shape scope is perfect. It is effortless in operation and less necessary of adjusting the body and eye position.

Strong Body Construction

Spotting scope body construction should be strong and durable. With a strong scope, you can move anywhere for outdoor traveling. The Konus 7120 20x-60x80mm Spotting Scope with Tripod and Case is the instrument making with rubber armored body construction. Such a construction has made this scope strong and durable. It can absorb huge shock of any at any unusual situation. At the extreme weather situation, this scope is fit for operating.

Fog Proof Scope

The fog proofing is one of the most remarkable qualities. If you see the foggy condition in a spotting scope, the image will not appear clearly. You will find this scope fog proof due to the nitrogen purged. In this process, the inside of the scope filled up by the nitrogen gas. This called nitrogen purged system and for this process, you can use this scope at any high humid situation and get all clear bright images.

Suitable Camera Adapter    

Besides, nature observing, hunting and shooting, you must want to take snap of the beautiful scene. For this purpose you need a spotting scope with camera compatibility. By such an excellent scope you can do the most desired digiscoping. In this regard, a suitable camera adapter is quite necessary. The Konus 7120 20x-60x80mm Spotting Scope with Tripod and Case has the suitable camera adapter by which you can easily set the camera with it.

Tabletop Tripod        

The most useful accessory of the spotting scope is the tripod. You can set your scope on a tripod for better performance in viewing. It may table tripod or full-length tripod. Whatever it is a table top or full length; it helps to view the object in a firm and steady position. By a table-top tripod, target shooting is more effective and comfortable. On the other hand, you can adjust your body and eye position effortlessly with a full-length tripod. In both respects, observing is steady and comfortable enough.

Expandable Hens Hood

The lens shade protects the lens from any extreme weather. Sometimes you may face the rainy weather at your outdoor program. In this situation, the lens hood will protect the lens from rain. This spotting scope comes with an expandable lens hood that can save the objective of this scope all the way.


  • 20-60x magnification provide different sizes of image
  • Zooming system can enlarge the image at any point of the magnification range
  • 80 mm objective lens is large and gather huge light for creating bright image
  • 2 feet maximum field of view helps to get detail of the image area
  • Ideal spotting scope for hunting and digiscoping
  • Strong and compact scope with rubber armored body structure that is shock absorbing
  • Nitrogen purged system for fog proofing and suitable for high humid situation.
  • Digiscoping facility with camera adapter
  • Strong table top tripod is fit for firm viewing
  • Expandable lens shade for protecting the objective lens from extreme weather
  • Multi-coated anti-reflective optics that transmits accurate light


  • Someone got the eyepiece’s lens broken condition
  • Someone got craftsmanship poor


Question-1: Can I see .223 holes at 300 yards with this scope?

Answer: Yes, the magnifying configuration is enough for seeing the .223 hole for target shooting purpose.

Question-2: Does this scope work fine in the low-light condition?

Answer: Yes, this scope has the 80 mm objective lens that is enough for using in the low-light condition.

Question-3: Would this scope be appropriate for seeing the whale and dolphin at 1000 feet.

Answer: Yes it is absolutely possible to see the whale or dolphin at 100 feet.

Question-4: Does the eyepiece of this scope interchangeable?

Answer: No, the eyepiece of this scope is not changeable.

Question-5: Does this scope come with a case?

Answer: Yes, this spotting scope comes with a soft case with zipper and neck strap.

Question-6: Does this scope suitable for bird watching?

Answer: Yes, this scope is suitable for bird watching.

Question-7: Is the camera adapter suitable for dslr camera?

Answer: The camera adapter is absolutely suitable for

Qustion-8: Is this scope a fog proof one?

Answer: Yes, this scope is nitrogen purged for fog proofing.


In summary, the Konus 7120 20x-60x80mm Spotting Scope with Tripod and Case is a wonderful optical instrument for nature observing and other, including hunting and shooting field. You will be impressed by the capacity of the objective lens of this spotting scope that gathers huge light and helps to view the objects even in the low-light condition. Well magnification and anti-reflected multi-coated optics, most of the authentic users of this scope are extremely happy with their purchase and love to recommend this scope to others.

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