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Hunting Pack List for Better Hunting

Hunting Pack List

If you want to enjoy your hunting to the max, you will have to go for outing with full preparation. Moreover, you have to bear in your mind that safety should be the first priority. Here the term “preparation” refers to carry with the items that will support you during your hunting in all phases of times. A perfect hunting pack list will give you a pleasant hunting experience. The hunting list will depend on many factors: the length of your journey, the season, the reason of your journey, how you will organize it, etc. Check the below list to make sure you are completely prepared to start on your journey.

  1. Hunting equipments: Hunting equipments are the obligatory items for a hunter. As you will go for either for hunting or for enjoying the beauty of nature, you must have to carry the Spotting scope or Binoculars, Tripod, Gun, etc.
  2. Bag or Backpack: In case of rainfall, to save your bag or backpack from water is an important matter. Therefore, your bag should be waterproof or if you carry a backpack, it must be with a hooded raincoat. The capacity will obviously depend on how many items you will carry with you and the duration of your journey.
  3. Clothes: It will be better for you to choose such clothes, which will keep your body warm and obviously waterproof. You should wear a particular waterproof pant or you may use the raincoat that fully covers your body. Actually, the full body coat may be difficult for you to move on comfortably.
  4. Tents: Tents will help you for your sleeping or taking rest. The sizes of tents are depended on how many people will use it. There are different sizes of tents are available in the market such as for a single person, for two or three people and even bigger. You need to carry such tents, which have the following features: waterproof, enough ventilation facilities, easy to set up and close, durable and thick, shelter door and mosquito net.
  5. Foods and Drinks: You should carry the dry foods, fast foods and canned water. You can choose fresh foods only for the first day. You will have to calculate the foods depending on your duration of hunting period.
  6. Cooking objects: If you stay at your hunting more than a day, it will be better to cook yourself. For that, you have to carry the necessary equipments but as light weight as possible. You may use of stones and firewood to make a woven. Be careful of causing forest fire during your cooking in the forest.
  7. Flash Light: Your flashlight should be water resistant and tiny. A large flash light will make your pack heavier. You must carry at least a couple of extra batteries.
  8. Multi-Tools: A versatile kit is very much essential for your journey. Now a day, various versatile tools are available in the market including best tactical knife, fire starter, whistle, blade, etc. However, for choosing your kit; you will select a smaller one to keep your pack lighter.
  9. Gloves: Thinner and rubber made gloves will be more suitable for you. Such types of gloves will keep your hands away from cold and will help to increase grip when climbing through the rock or tree roots.
  10. First Aid Box: A first aid box is must for your safety. However,  you have to choose a small size of boxes so that your pack will not be heavier.
  11. Accessories: Apart from the above items, you will need the following tools and hunting accessories for your hunting period: Map and Compass, Cleaning kit, GPS, Small towel, Toothbrush and toothpaste, cap and sunglass, small seat pad, Cell Phone, pen and note pad, insect killer spray, etc.

Your hunting list may be variable depending on condition, place or season but an appropriate list is crucial for your enjoyment and safety. If you do not have any of the necessary objects, you may fall in risk or your hunting may be weighed down. I repeat, your safety should be the top priority. Have a nice and safe journey.

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