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Celestron Ultima 65 18 to 55×65 Straight Spotting Scope Review

Celestron Ultima 65 Straight Spotting Scope

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The Celestron Ultima 65 Straight Spotting Scope is essentially suited for viewing the objects those are lowered in position at any outdoor adventure. This 18-55x magnification great telescopic instrument is a worthy one for its optical performance. The 65 mm objective lens with this light refracting device has made it much capacious for receiving the bright light that produces the excessive image. The enthusiastic entry level outdoor travelers are amply delighted with this straight through viewing angle spotting scope. You will satisfactorily get a standard photographic experience by using this best spotting scope.

Feature & Specifications
Price$$$ Check Latest Price
Editor Rating4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)
Body DesignStraight Body Design
Objective Lens65 mm
Lens Coatings Multi-Coated
Field Of View 89-38 ft / 30-13 m
Close Focus (ft/m) 20 ft / 6 m
Exit Pupil Diameter3.6mm@18x / 1.1mm@55x
Eye Relief18 mm
Angle of view45°
Nitrogen Filled (Fogproof)Yes
Weight37oz / 1049g
Dimensions6 x 7 x 18 inches
Accepts filtersNo
Camera AdaptableYes

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Features of Celestron Ultima 65 Straight Spotting Scope

Zoom Eyepiece for 18-55x Magnification

Most important and essential piece of this spotting scope is its eyepiece. The zoom eyepiece comes with this scope is with 18-55x magnification. It is well-capable for increasing the size of the image of the object you desire to watch. The image magnification power of this zoom eyepiece is fine and the producing of the sharp and vibrant image is the matter simple adjusting. It is able to deliver you the various size of the image by keeping the quality of image same in different magnification range. You will also be able to get a stunning view through this eyepiece even in a rough weather.

65 mm Objective lens Refractor Spotting Scope

The Celestron Ultima 65 Straight Spotting Scope comes with 65 mm objective lens that is called refractor spotting scope. The 65 mm diameter of the objective lens is wide enough for receiving adequate light from the outside object. Such capability is able to produce a stunning photographic view of the nature that you like very much. The portable and durable refractor design of this scope have the performance like a dioptric telescope. It provides you a high-contrast view of the bright target of nature or hunting objects. So, in respect of objective lens, this is a great quality spotting scope.

Multi-Coated Optics for a Clear View

Getting bright and clear view is the most desired aspect to the scope users when they observe the nature or set a target to a wild animal and such. The multi-coated optic offers an uninterrupted clear view by passing through adequate light to the eyepiece of the spotting scope. The Celestron Ultima 65 Straight Spotting Scope is available with such multi-coated optics for providing you a clear and sharp image of your targeting object. It is an innovative chemical coating on the optics that increases the brightness of the light coming through the objective lens. Because of this coating, you will just get the stunning image of nature and the wildlife.

Celestron Ultima 65 Straight Spotting Scope

Straight through Viewing Angle

The Celestron Ultima 65 Straight Spotting Scope has the straight through viewing angle. This kind of viewing angle spotting scope is suitable for using relatively on the high position from where the targeting view is lowered to you. In this respect, at the time of hiking mount, you can use this opportunity of straight through viewing angle of this scope. From your high hill position, if you want to see the view of the valley that is much lowered to you, this scope is the right choice for you in such situation. You can watch the below nature by just moving the scope slightly towards the desired view.

Sight Tube for Quick Targeting

The sight tube helps to make a quick targeting on the focus view. In the left side of the Celestron Ultima 65 Straight Spotting Scope, there is a sight tube for quick targeting. It is built into the main body of the scope. If you want to change the focus from one targeted view to another, it is quite easy by the sight tube of this scope. The quickly locate of the view of far away; the spotting scope is the useful one for the tiny part of it. You can see the things at well-distant through the barrel of the sight tube of this scope.


This spotting scope comes with the waterproof housing. Because of this waterproofness, the Celestron Ultima 65  Straight Spotting Scope is always protected from any unusual or extreme weather. The outdoor amusement may be affected by bad weather along with unexpected rain; in that case, the waterproof rubber gripped housing is able to make the shield for preventing the wet cause of water of the rain. So, this rubber armor housing of this scope ensures the undisturbed nature observing or hunting activity. You can enjoy the watching nature without fearing of damage or badly affected the scope.

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Soft Carrying Case

The carrying case is an issue for the spotting scope. In view of the damage or going touch to the wet substance, the carrying case plays an essential role. The Celestron Ultima 65 Straight Spotting Scope has soft carrying case that is a standard bag with adjustable length for shoulder fastens. So, carrying this case with the scope is easy, even at any long distance of outing. Due to the zipper fold back covers of this carrying case, it is easy to set on a tripod with keeping the scope inside the case. You can also put the case into your travel bag or luggage including the scope.

Celestron Ultima 65 Straight Spotting Scope

Limited Lifetime Warranty

The important additional support you may get from the manufacturer is the limited lifetime warranty. In respect of the Celestron Ultima 65 Straight Spotting Scope, for getting the warranty you need to contact the customer service. Additionally, you can get a gift card for 50 bucks instantly upon the approval for the amazon.com rewards visa card.


  • Suitable objective lens diameter supplies good amount of bright light
  • Good enough eye relief distance
  • Light weight and easy carrying
  • Good range of magnification scales with providing sharp image
  • Multi-coated optics ensure the quality of image
  • Suitable for hill and valley area for appropriate focusing
  • Quick targeting sight tube for frequent change of focus
  • Waterproof rubber gripped housing
  • Suitable soft carrying case


  • Linear field of view
  • Some users got bubble in the lens

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question-1: Is the scope suitable for watching wildlife?

Answer: The magnification of this scope is good enough for watching wildlife at a certain distance.

Question-2: Does the scope usable for deer hunting?

Answer: You can see the elk coming out the wood at around 2 miles. But for shooting this distance is not appropriate for this scope.

Question-3: Could I see a coke cane at 1000m?

Answer: A coke cane at 1000m is able to see by this scope.

Question-4: Does it come with the hard case?

Answer: This scope comes with soft carrying case that is well-fitted for back arm carrying.

Question-5: Can I use this scope with my glasses on?

Answer: Yes, this scope has 18 mm eye relief distance that is suitable for use with glasses on.

Question-6: Does this scope usable to look at the ships passing beside home?

Answer: Yes, you can easily watch the ships passing beside the home.

Question-7: Does the scope allow me to see .223 bullet holes at 200 yards clearly?

Answer: Yes, you will, of course, be allowed to see the .223 bullet holes at 200 yards and more with this scope.

Question-8: Is the scope a good one for bird watching?

Answer: Yes, you will be able to watch the birds at a certain distance.


In conclusion, the Celestron Ultima 65 Straight Spotting Scope is the light weight and easy carrying one that allow you lots of watching opportunity. Getting sharp and the good quality image is quite usual with this spotting scope. The magnification range and the diameter of this scope are good enough for the satisfactory size of the desired object. The multi-coated lenses are able to supply bright light that is necessary for increasing the size and sharpness of the image of targeted substance.

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