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Celestron 60 mm Zoom – 45° Spotting Scope Telescope Review

Celestron 60 mm Zoom - 45° Spotting Scope Telescope

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The Celestron 60 mm Zoom – 45° Spotting Scope Telescope is one of the best spotting scopes currently available on the market. If you want to enjoy nature observing, this angle eyepiece scope will be well-performing for you. This scope is perfect for bird watching and wildlife observation. You can also use it for hunting purpose. It has 20-60x zoom magnification that ensures the sharp and clear images of the object. Because of the 60 mm objective lens comes with this scope, it gathers a huge amount of light and produces the images with high definition. Hope, you will be happy with the effectiveness of this innovative spotting equipment.

Features of the Celestron 60 mm Zoom – 45° Spotting Scope Telescope

Cost Effective Scope

Celestron 60 mm zoom – 45° spotting scope telescope will be the cost effective one. When you are ready to purchase a spotting scope of within affordable range, this inexpensive scope will be the right choice for you. This spotting scope is the dynamic tool with providing all necessary amenities for seeing the nature. It is capable in target shooting and wildlife observing too.  So, within the reasonable price range, you can fulfill your spotting demand all the way.

45-Degree Zoom Eyepiece

The eyepiece is the most important part of the spotting scope. It may straight or angled shape. The Celestron 60 mm zoom – 45° spotting scope telescope has the angled shape eyepiece. This type of eyepiece provides comfortable watching opportunity. Here you can adjust your body and eye position easily. The zooming system of this scope gives you the facility of increasing the image size of the object. This zoom eyepiece offers all the great images at any point of magnification.

Waterproof Body Construction

The Celestron 60 mm Zoom – 45° Spotting Scope Telescope comes with waterproof body construction. It has the sealed optics for waterproofing that has converted the scope perfect for using in all atmospheric situations. If you are in a prolonged nature observing, the rain may affect your seeing task. In this case, you will be able to keep yourself worry-free and can view the nature without interruption.

Fully-coated Optics

The spotting scopes optics comes with a kind of chemical coating. Among many other, the fully-coated can make the optics good in quality. The Celestron 60 mm Zoom – 45° Spotting Scope Telescope comes with such a fully-coated optics those transmit the light properly to the eyepiece. So, you can get the all clear and bright images of the object.

20-60x Magnification

The magnification of the spotting scope used for determining the size of the object’s image. You can choose a small or big size image within the certain range of the magnification. This spotting scope has the magnification range 20-60x. At 20 magnifications, you can see the object most clear and details. When you want to increase the image size, you need to fix the upper magnification. In all cases, the image will be bright and sharp.

60 mm Objective Lens

The objective lens is an essential part of a spotting scope. It collects the light from the outside and sends to the eyepiece through the scope’s tube. So, you can see your targeted object by keeping an eye on the eyepiece. The Celestron 60 mm Zoom – 45° Spotting Scope Telescope has 60 mm objective lens. It can gather sufficient light for producing sharp and clear images.

Powder Coating Optics

The powder coating system prevents the scratch on the optics and protects it from any harmful effect. This spotting scope has the powder coating that protects the optics and makes the fit for reasonable light reflection. Due to this powder coating, the optics provides a satisfactory light transmission that helps to produce crispy images.

Metallic Tripod

Using tripod eases the firm watching of nature. You can set the scope on the table-tripod or on a full-length tripod, as per your necessity. With the Celestron 60 mm Zoom – 45° Spotting Scope Telescope comes a metallic table-tripod that is appropriate for setting the shooting target and other focusing as firm manner.

Aluminum Carrying Case

When you will purchase the Celestron 60 mm Zoom – 45° Spotting Scope Telescope, you get an aluminum carrying case. The carrying case is essential for transporting the scope from one place to another. The carrying case comes with this scope is reasonably hard and ensures the secured carriage of the spotting scope. This is lucrative and nice looking too.

Soft Carrying Case   

An additional soft carrying case is available with this spotting scope. It is made of nylon. Carrying the scope and the tripod along with other accessories of the scope is simple and easy by this soft carrying case. You can also keep this soft case in your baggage by keeping inside the scope.


  • 20-60x magnification for getting different image sizes of the objects
  • 60 mm objective lens gathers huge light for producing clear images
  • Zooming system provides the increased size of object’s image at a certain magnification
  • Satisfactory light transmitting by good-quality optics helps to produce crispy images
  • 45-degree angle eyepiece Allows the adjustment of the body and eye position to watch the nature
  • Innovative powder coating protects the optics
  • Sealed optics for waterproofing the body of the scope
  • Suitable metallic table top tripod ensures calm watching facility
  • Nice looking and good carrying case made of aluminum guaranteed the secured carriage
  • Soft carrying case facilitates the carrying the tripod and other accessories



  • No fog proofing option
  • Someone could not focus properly



Question-1: Have any tripod with this spotting scope?

Answer: Yes, There is a table top tripod in the package of this scope.

Question-2: Does the spotting scope appropriate for viewing the paper targets 100 yards at the range?

Answer: yes, it is perfect for seeing the paper targets 100 yards at the range.

Question-3: Is the spotting scope fog proof?

Answer: No, it is not, but the optics quality is good.

Question-4: Does this scope appropriate for scenic viewing.

Answer: yes, you can do the scenic viewing by this spotting scope very well.

Question-5: What is the color of this spotting scope?

Answer: The color of this scope is Olive.

Question-6: Can I use the camera with this scope?

Answer: To use the camera with this scope, you need to find out a suitable camera adapter.

Question-8: Does the eyepiece of this spotting scope removable or fixed?

Answer: The eyepiece of this scope is fixed.



In summary, the Celestron 60 mm Zoom – 45° Spotting Scope Telescope is really an efficient instrument for nature observing and all spotting related task. The different parts of this scope are good in quality and worth of delivering image clarity and sharpness. Most of the dedicated users suggest this spotting scope to the new users since it has the quality optics and best image producing capability. If you are the person like to enjoy the outdoor program with spotting the nature along with bird watching and shooting, this apparatus will be the right choice.

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