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Best Spotting Scope For Target Shooting – Guides & Reviews

Best Spotting Scope For Target ShootingTarget shooting is full of fun and very popular with the people. You need something that will help you to take a clear look at your long distant holes on paper. A spotting scope is truly a fashionable kit for the target shooters. The scope shortens the distance between you and your target. Most of the shooters have a confusion of which features a scope should have for their shooting purpose. In one sentence, I say, if you compromise with the quality, it will shorten the accuracy of your shot. Actually, which one is perfect for your shooting experience depends on various matters. The environmental condition is the number one thing to select the shooting scope.  Humidity, dirt, warmth, and dust play a vital role to have an effect on the superiority of the spotting scope. None should blame a scope for bad performance if the environment is responsible for that. You have to have a serious observation on the features of a scope select your shooting scope.

>> Key Features to Consider Before Buying << 

Recommended Best Spotting Scope For Target Shooting

Product nameOur ReviewsBuy From Amazon
Firefield 20-60 x 60 SE Spotting Scope KitOur ReviewShop Now
Celestron 52312 Regal M2 LER 27x80 ED Spotting ScopeOur ReviewShop Now
BARSKA Blackhawk 18-36x50 Straight Spotting Scope with Tripod and CaseOur ReviewShop Now
Leupold SX-1 Ventana 20-60x 80mm Spotting ScopeOur ReviewShop Now
BARSKA Benchmark 25-125x 88 Waterproof Straight Spotting ScopeOur ReviewShop Now

1.Firefield 20-60 x 60 SE Spotting Scope Kit

Best Spotting Scope For Target ShootingPrice : $$
Editor Rating : 5 Stars (5 / 5)

Consider the Firefield Spotting Scope full-pledge target shooting and nature observing equipment as it has initiated a new trail in the category of spotting scope. With all upgraded parts and materials, this scope mostly has been leading the optical instrument industry in respect of recreational outdoor adventure of the target shooting. An excellent quality image of the targeting object will be the preferable aspect with the 20-60 x magnification and 60 mm objective lens of this Spotting Scope. Its multi-coated optics and BAK-4 prism ensure the enough light transmission for receiving the sharp image all the way. This waterproof and fog proof apparatus is easy carrying one with its nylon carrying case. The durable construction of the body and straight rubber eyepiece scope is easy to set on a strong and adjustable tripod comes with it.

Highlighted Features:

  • 20-60 x magnification and 60 mm objective lens
  • Straight shaped rubber eyepiece
  • Multi-coated optics ensure the huge light transmission

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2.Celestron 52312 Regal M2 LER 27×80 ED Spotting Scope

Price : $$$
Editor Rating : 4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)

Best Spotting Scope For Target ShootingCelestron 52312 Regal M2 LER 27×80 ED Spotting Scope will give you the ultimate observing experience through all of its good-quality optics, magnification, and large objective lens. This scope also comes with superior body construction along with related greatest equipment. 80 mm objective lens with extra-low dispersion allows the maximum light gathering and diminishes the chromatic abnormality in the image color. By the 27x magnification and 21.3 feet close focus of this scope, you can view the distance objects and closer one. 32 mm long enough eye relief provides the opportunity of watching through the scope with eye glasses on and mere adjusting the body position. If you are the person looking for a bit expensive scope under the 1000 dollars with high configuration, this all-weather fitted scope is the right choice for you.

80 mm Large Objective Lens

The most characterized feature of the Celestron 52312 Regal M2 LER 27×80 ED spotting scope is the 80 mm large objective lens. This lens is capable huge light gathering for great image quality. It also decreases the chromatic irregularities for not badly effect on the image color as the scope has the extra-low dispersion optics.

Extraordinary Body Construction

Body construction of the Celestron 52312 Regal M2 LER 27×80 ED spotting scope is really outstanding. The magnesium alloy body of this scope is durable, lightweight and fit for the extreme atmospheric situation. It is also waterproofed by sealed optics and fog proof by nitrogen purged system that ensures the interruption-free viewing opportunity.

Highlighted Features:

  • 80 mm objective lens capable maximum light gathering for exact image
  • Extra-low dispersion lens diminishes the chromatic defect in the image color
  • 27x magnification allows viewing the long distance objects
  • 21.3 feet close focus distance provide all high definition images of the object
  • 32 mm long enough eye relief provides the viewing with eyeglasses on and mere adjusting the body position
  • Magnesium alloy body of this scope is durable and lightweight
  • Waterproof and for proof housing fit for the extreme atmospheric situation and high humid condition
  • Fully multi-coated optic ensure the accurate light transmission
  • T-ring for camera adapter adjustability

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3.BARSKA Blackhawk 18-36×50 Straight Spotting Scope with Tripod and CaseBest Spotting Scope For Target Shooting

Price : $$$
Editor Rating : 4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

If you are looking for the Best Spotting Scope for target shooting, then the Barska Blackhawk 18-36 × 50 mm is perfect for you. The scope is best in respect of portability, optical performance and value. Barska has been providing quality products and the Barska Blackhawk 18-36 × 50 straight scope with tripod and case is the example of such scopes. The most physically powerful and long lasting material makes the scope constant for many days. The large objective lens has the light-gathering capability to increase light in low-light condition. The variable zooming magnification will give you the closer view of images. The scope is waterproof and fog proof and you can use it in all seasons. The multi-coated glass presents the crisp and clear image. The scope is small to carry it easily. This model of Barska comes with a Pan Head Lever tripod and a soft carrying case. Totally, the Barska in spite of cheaper price will give the quality images of view at your outdoor activities.

Important Features 

Pan Head lever Tripod

The Barska includes with a Pan Head tripod. The Pan Head tripods allow a scope to move it easily without touching it. As you do not need to touch the scope when moving, your scope will not shake, and your images will be sharper and blur free. You also need not to round the tripod, using only the handle you can easily shift the scope to view your targets. With this Pan Head lever tripod; this model is the best spotting scope for target shooting. Both the tripod and scope are not large and you can easily carry it.

Massive Objective lens

The intention lens of a spotting scope works for increasing the light in low-light condition. The Barska Blackhawk 18-36 × 50 features with an image objective lens of 50 mm (2”), which is able to increase the light when the light is too low and even in nighttime and you will get the brighter and clearer images.

Variable Zooming Magnification

Magnification helps you to have a closer look at your target. The higher magnification provides the closest view. The Barska Blackhawk features with 18X to 36X zoom magnification. Though 36X is not a very powerful magnification, it will give you the blur free and sharper images as well as a wide field of view.

 Wide Field of View

This model of Barska has a very wide field of view. It is 137 feet within 1000 yards at 18X magnification and 100 feet within 1000 yards at 36 X magnification, that is very wide.

Multi Coated Optics

The scope contains multi-coated optics that provides a crisp and clear view at your outdoor activities.

Waterproof and fog proof

The Barska Blackhawk 18-36 × 50 mm is an ideal spotting scope for all weather conditions. It is 100% waterproof and fog proof. The rubber armoring makes the scope shock resistant.

Glare reducing Sunshade

The lens is covered with a glare-reducing sunshade, which helps to protect the scope from rain and sunburn.

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4.Leupold SX-1 Ventana 20-60x 80mm Spotting Scope

Price : $$$
Editor Rating : 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

Best Spotting Scope For Target Shooting

The Leupold SX-1 Ventana spotting scope comes with some excellent features, especially who is looking for the best spotting scope for target shooting. The high magnification and powerful objective lens will help the users to attain the aim of sky-scraping performance in outdoor activities. It is one of the paramount spotting scopes for money as in spite of having some extraordinary characteristics, the price is in the lower-mid range.  The superior multi-coat 4 treated optical quality will give you the best images. The rugged construction makes the spotting scope waterproof and fog proof as well as the shock resistant. With the twist up/down eyecup, you will have a better eye relief even who wears glasses. Really, the Leupold SX-1 Ventana Spotting Scope, Black, 20-60 x 80mm will make your camping great. The main features are given here for your better understand.


The Leupold has a magnification of 20X to 60X that is great for any medium-range scope. The lowest magnification that is under 20X does not allow the scope to provide a closer view of the image whereas the more magnification, which is above 80X or 100X, will give the blurred and unclear image if the objective lens is not very good. Therefore, the Leupold SX-1 Ventana has the ability to provide a brighter and sharper image. The magnification power this model has is far enough for any outdoor activities, especially the best scope for shooting, hunting and birding.

Objective lens

This model has a very powerful objective lens of 80 mm. this strong lens helps the scope to gather more light and you will have a brighter image even in a low-light condition. When using higher magnification, the 80 mm lens allows you to find clearer and sharper image of view.

Focus Knob and lens shade

To ensure a crispy, spiky and clear image, a spotting scope must be focused. The Leupold SX-1 Ventana features a focus system to present the clarity of images. Just turn around the focus knob bit by bit until the image is sharper and clearer. If the knob does not rotate, shift the wheel in the reverse direction. The lens shade of this model is slender away of the body to guard the lens from rain and sunburn.

Waterproof and fog proof, as well as shock restricted

This scope has nitrogen filled, which makes the scope waterproof and fog proof to use it in any of the seasons through the year. It makes the scope shock resistant as well to enlarge the life span of the scope.

Better Eye relief and twist-up eyecup

The eye relief of the scope is 24-26.7 mm, which is better to look even with wearing sunglasses. The twist eyecup will help your scope to protect from dust, rain and extreme sunshade.

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5.BARSKA Benchmark 25-125x 88 Waterproof Straight Spotting Scope

Price : $$$Best Spotting Scope For Target Shooting
Editor Rating : 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

BARSKA Benchmark 25-125x 88 Waterproof Straight Spotting Scope is the appropriate choice for getting the easy shooting target and nature exploring. While finding the close view and various sizes of the object’s image with the wide-ranging magnification, the 88 mm objective lens will provide a sharper and brighter picture. With the straight eyepiece, you will be able to get the valley view in a stunning manner. The waterproof and fog proof technology will provide uninterrupted viewing the nature even in an extreme weather. This scope is capable of absorbing any unusual shock due to the rubber armored body. The sharp and bright image will also be natural for the fully coated lens and porro prism whereas the dynamic zoom focusing system will give an excellent close view to the object. The aluminum hard and soft carrying case keeps the scope much safe and secures all the way. Accu grips handheld, tripod, and the tripod mount will deliver the steadiest observing of nature for prolonged.

Highlighted Features:

  • Straight body design with 25 -125x magnification and 88mm large objective lens and porro prism
  • Completely fog and waterproof protection that ensure the continuous observing
  • Fully coated optics allow maximum light transmission
  • Limited lifetime warranty ensures the post-buying customer service for defected materials
  • Hard and soft carrying case ease the transporting and proper protection

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The things to consider before buying a Spotting Scope for target shooting:

You must need a good spotting scope as it will help you to shoot exactly. Here we give some major things to consider when you will buy a great scope for your next target shooting sports.

Objective lens

Obviously, a clear view makes a perfect shot. Your Shooting scope should contain a suitable objective lens. The larger lens has the ability to gather more light to make the image brighter to view. An inferior quality scope is a cause of making your view distorted and blurred, and you will be failed to take a perfect shot. 60 mm to 80 mm objective is ideal for a 100 yards distance. When the distance is 300 yards or more, you will need a greater and much higher quality lens. Here we advise you to invest for a best-quality eyepiece for making your target shooting tremendous.


From 20X to 60X magnification is enough for your shooting. The magnification power and zooming make it easy to find the target clearly and shoot accurately. The high magnification makes your subject closer. You can look at the smaller or dimmer image with a higher magnification.


For getting an easy and more flexibility, a frivolous spotting scope is necessary. You will not feel an added weight to the rifle and can shoot comfortably if you have a lighthearted scope. It is easy to carry and effortless to set up. You can move a long distance for shooting easily with such a type of scopes.

Eye Relief

A comfortable eye relief will give you eye enough relaxation while shooting. The shooters have a choice of having not less 15 mm eye relief for a relaxed view.

Easy to set up

Your shooting spotting scope should be simple to set up into the rifle. Consider the compatibility of your scope to minimize your time to install it with the rifle.

Water, fog, and dust proof

A waterproof, fog proof and dust proof scope allow you to use it any seasons and for giving a longer life.

Final Words

Apart from these features, you have to consider the shooting distance, position, and condition to get the best result from your scope. You can surely enjoy your target shooting when the performance of your scope is well. To identify the finest features of the scopes, which suit at your shooting, is the result of getting the excellent result in target shooting. Check our best spotting scopes for target shooting list and select your just the right kit.