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Best Spotting Scope For Hunting – Guides & Reviews

Making a comprehensive list of the best spotting scopes for hunting is the matter of selecting the scopes those are specially featured with all hunting friendly characteristics. You must have to consider some specific qualities to the scope that will ease and perform to the point your outdoor hunting job. The success of your animal shooting task mostly depends on the optimal viewing of the targeted goal and the best quality hunting configured spotting scope can only ensure it. In this regard, an appropriate magnification with the right field of view and objective lens size with all quality optics will play the vital role along with other determinants.

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Recommended Best Spotting Scope For Hunting

Product nameOur ReviewsBuy From Amazon
Vanguard Endeavor HD Angled Eyepiece Spotting ScopeOur ReviewShop Now
Celestron 52250 80mm Ultima Zoom Spotting ScopeOur ReviewShop Now
Bushnell Trophy XLT 20-60x 65mm Waterproof Compact Tripod Spotting ScopeOur ReviewShop Now
BARSKA Blackhawk 20-60×60mm Waterproof Angled Spotting ScopeOur ReviewShop Now
Leupold SX-1 Ventana Angled Spotting ScopeOur ReviewShop Now



1.Vanguard Endeavor HD Angled Eyepiece Spotting Scope

Price : $$$
Editor Rating : 5 Stars (5 / 5)

Vanguard Endeavor hd Spotting Scope Vanguard Endeavor HD Angled Eyepiece Spotting Scope is ideal for the hunters and mostly remarkable due to the characteristic of extra low dispersion optics of it. This trait is categorized for delivering exact amounts of color that effectively abolish the color edge of the images. It has two models; one is with 82 mm objective lens and another one with 65 mm. In the both sizes of aperture, you can use the separable angled eyepieces of 20-60x and 15-45x magnifications. So, when you go for hunting, you will find absolute desired image size of the targeted animal with huge light-gathering capacity and excellent clarity that will ease you shooting very much.

Alternative Eyepiece and Magnification

The most remarkable aspect of this scope is that the eyepiece is interchangeable. When you use the 20-60x magnification eyepiece, you will get the range of the field of view 110 – 52 feet at 1000 yards distance. With 15-45x magnification, you can cover 144 – 68 feet area of observing at the same distance. At every point of magnification, the images will be with great definition due to the good-quality optics.

Dual Sizes Objective Lens

The two different sizes of objective lenses are 82 mm and 65 mm diameter. Both the lens sizes are compatible for two individual magnification ranges. When you set the 15-45x -eyepiece, you will get maximum hunting facility that is recognized by most of the expert hunters. The lenses are huge light gathering and clear image producing.

Extra Low Dispersion Optics

The Vanguard Endeavor HD angled eyepiece spotting scope comes with extra low spreading optics. This optics is capable offering appropriate amounts of color for the proper edge of the images of the object.

Highlighted Features:

  • Separable angled eyepiece gives the users interchanging opportunity of the eyepiece
  • Eyepiece with soft and  comfy rubber eyecup along with appropriate eye relief
  • Exact color providing extra low dispersion lens ensure the right color edge of the images
  • Magnesium body construction is strong and lightweight with rubber armoring for shock absorbance
  • Interchangeable angled eyepieces for wide-ranging magnification
  • Large objective lenses are with huge amounts of light gathering  capacity
  • Comprised of two-focus wheel ensures fine and rough adjustment
  • Sealed optics and rubber armoring waterproof and fogproof for extreme climate
  • BAK-4 prism and fully multi-coated lens ensure the image position and appropriate light transmission
  • Post-buying customer service with premium lifetime warranty

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2. Celestron 52250 80mm Ultima Zoom Spotting Scope

Price : $$$
Editor Rating : 4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)Best Spotting Scope For Hunting

Celestron 52250 80mm Ultima Zoom Spotting Scope is an optical instrument that hunters like very much. The large objective lens gives the hunters an extra facility of doing the hunting task even in the low-light condition. This refractor scope delivers 77 percent brighter and sharper images of the object than the 60 mm one. At any point of the magnification, this scope produces all clear images with its zoom convenience. The multi-coated and anti-reflection optics transmit excellent light for grasping the razor-sharp images of the targeted object. So, setting an appropriate target for hunting is more than easy and accurate.

80 mm Refractor Scope

The 80 mm objective lens means it is a refractor spotting scope. Such a telescopic scope is suitable for viewing long-distance objects. So, when you want to target a hunting object that is so far away, this 80 mm aperture will give you that facility with gathering huge light.

Multi-coated Optics  

Spotting Scope’s optics come usually fully, multi, or fully multi-coated by a particular chemical layering on the lens’s surface. The Celestron 52250 80mm Ultima Zoom spotting scope has the multi-coated optics. This coating is good enough for transmitting sufficient light that makes the images sharp and bright.

Rubber Armored Housing

Spotting scope with rubber armoring is perfect for the hunters. Such a rubber gripping body construction gives the scope extra strength. This scope is totally with rubber armored housing and capable absorbing the rifle shooting shock. The dust and debris also cannot damage the scope due to this armoring.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multi-coated optics is increased quality and good enough light transmitting
  • 20-60x zoom eyepiece provides the facility of setting desired magnification for exact image size
  • 45-degree angled eyepiece is suitable for flat surface nature viewing comfortably
  • Refractor 80 mm objective Lens provide huge light gathering even for long distance objects
  • Heavy duty providing and shock absorbance scope with rubber armored housing
  • Sight tube facilitates the quick focusing on the certain target
  • Sealed optics made the scope fit for extreme weather like waterproof
  • Transportation from one place to another is easy and secure with the soft carrying case
  • Limited lifetime warranty defected in materials ensure the post-buying customer service

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3. Bushnell Trophy XLT 20-60x 65mm Waterproof Compact Tripod Spotting Scope

Price : $$$
Editor Rating : 4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

Best Spotting Scope For HuntingThe Bushnell Trophy XLT spotting scope is a trustworthy hunting partner of you that is usable with extreme toughness and bright image providing of the viewing object. 20-60x magnification of this scope offers all great image sizes with allowing you the 11 feet field of view at 20x magnification and 55 feet at 60x. You will be impressed by the well enough light gathering capacity with the 65 mm diameter objective lens of it. And for this capability, you can see the exact definition to the image with all details. Other valuable components having this scope are really fruitful for your nature observing and hunting program.

65 mm Objective Lens

A spotting scope with a large objective lens can allow many amounts of light to enter to the housing. Such a competency is really transforming the targeted object a bright and clear image that is your desire. At low light condition and long distance targeting, this size in the lens performs its best for hunting or shooting program with all sharp pictures of the object.

20 to 60x magnification

Magnification offers the size of the image of a certain object. You can change the level of magnification for getting a different size. In this regard, the Bushnell Trophy XLT spotting scope has the long ranging and handful option of magnification with 20-60x that will give you the most desired image size.

Rugged Body Construction

The body of the Bushnell Trophy XLT spotting scope is with the rubber armored. Due to this armoring, you can use this scope in a rugged position. For this type of body structure, this scope absorbs the shocks from rifle shooting or other easily, and you can use it without any tension of damaging usually.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fully multi-coated high-quality optics transmit much light for bright image
  • Long lasting spotting scope with beautiful design and durable construction
  • Rubber armored body construction made the scope tough for extreme situation
  • Worthy configuration with 20-60x magnification and 65 mm objective lens
  • Sealed optics hundred percent waterproof housing
  • Tripod allows you firm and steady viewing position
  • Transportation is easy and secured due to the premium and hard side carrying case

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4.BARSKA Blackhawk 20-60×60mm Waterproof Angled Spotting Scope

Price : $$$
Editor Rating : 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

Best Spotting Scope For HuntingThe Barska Blackhawk Spotter is the scope with significant magnification and the objective lens that provides a wide range of viewing opportunity at the hunting and nature observing. Stand out image quality is very usual by using this 20-60x magnification and 60 mm super quality green objective lens. This apparatus comes with the angled eyepiece for which you can easily adjust the position of your body and cool keeping the eye at the eyepiece for the desired observing. Multi-coated lens ensures the better light transmission with producing razor-sharp images.

Glare-free watching through this scope is possible due to the extended sunshade in the front side. Both the waterproofness and rubber armoring body construction has converted the scope protected and shock absorbing while the nitrogen purged made it completely fogproof. Because of the Panhead lever tripod, this scope is smoothly movable for changing the target. You will get the easy and protective transportation facility since the hard and soft carrying case comes with this spotting scope.

Highlighted Features:

  • Angled eyepiece is suitable for easy and effortless viewing
  • 20-60x magnification offers greater detail of the objects
  • Multicoated chemical layer optics provides increased light transmission
  • 60mm objective lens gathers huge light for better images
  • Rubber armoring body allows the rugged use and resistant the unusual shocks
  • Complete waterproof protects the scope from bad atmospheric effect
  • Fogproof  protection system prevents the dark appearance on the inside
  • Extendable sunshade protects the objective lens and reduces the glare
  • Hard and soft carrying cases ensure the proper security and easy transportation of the scope
  • Panhead lever tripod perfect for moving around the scope
  • Post-buying customer service with limited lifetime warranty

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5.Leupold SX-1 Ventana Angled Spotting Scope

Price : $$$
Editor Rating : 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

Best Spotting Scope For HuntingMake a great combination of budget price and crystal clear long distance viewing by purchasing the Leupold SX-1 Ventana angled spotting scope. You will find this scope fine for hunting and bird watching with the 15-45x 60 mm configurations where the magnification will provide you all clear image sizes and large objective lens do the right performance with optimal light gathering capability. If you are a person likes the long-distance target shooting with the fast and effortless manner, you can just operate this scope by making necessary magnification and focus adjustments. The high-quality optics will also deliver you a great clarity and razor-sharp images of the goal object.

Worthwhile Budget Scope

The most remarkable characteristic of the Leupold SX-1 Ventana angled spotting scope is that it is a low price spotting equipment that can deliver full-length images with all great definitions. You will get all usual facility of a full-pledge spotting scope with the affordable price even greater image quality at the close focus distance of 13.8 feet.

High Magnification and Wide FOV

You will get the outstanding image resolution and clarity with the high magnification of the Leupold SX-1 Ventana angled spotting scope. As the object’s images are extraordinarily bright at 15x magnification with the edge to edge sharpness, the maximum 45x magnification also offers the details of the target along with 142 feet wide field of view.

Precision Optical Lenses

The Leupold SX-1 Ventana angled spotting scope comes with all precision ground lenses along with fully multi-coated. Such the superior quality optics accurately transmit the light so that when you keep the eyes on the eyepiece get the maximum bright and contrast images at all your target focus.

Highlighted Features:

  • Worthwhile spotting scope at affordable price
  • Bright, clear and contrast image providing with fully multi-coated optics
  • 15-45x 60 mm configurations with 142 feet wide field of view and 13.8 feet close focus
  • Appropriate for bird watching and hunting along with target shooting
  • Fast and effortless operation with simple adjustment
  • Excellence angled shaped eyepiece design
  • Shock absorbing rugged construction with sealed optics
  • New ergonomic design with the focus knob
  • Glare reducing lens shade offers sure and positive adjustment for improved picture quality
  • Eyeglass friendly eye relief with comfortable twist-up eyecup
  • Hundred percent waterproof and fogproof spotting scope

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Essential Determinants of Best Spotting Scope for Hunting

As a keen hunter, you should consider the following issues when to choose a spotting scope that will serve your hunting purpose;

Suitable Magnification Range

Though the spotting scopes are available at various magnification levels, you have to select one that has the appropriate range for hunting purpose. The very usual magnification range is 20-60x; at the lowest magnification, you can get the maximum field of view with brighter images while at higher magnification the image quality may decrease but the size will be broadened. In this situation, the most expert hunters think that a spotting scope with 15-45x magnification is appropriate to set the accurate focus on the targeted object by keeping the image quality at the same point. The hunting object is not so far away like astronomical object and not so closest to the hunter too. So a mid-level magnification scope is a right choice for hunting task.

Objective Lens

The objective lens does matter when you select the best spotting scopes for hunting task. By keeping the quality of the aperture in a certain scale you can choose larger one with your scope. The Greater lens can diminish the chance of decreasing the image quality at higher magnification, and you can get superior image quality that is essential for hunting target. At a long-distance target position, you will need increased light gathering for the exact image, and the large objective lens may be the right option for seeing the details of the object. It also can help you in the low light condition when target shooting is difficult.

Optics Quality

You can only see your hunting object clearly and brightly if the light enters to the eyepiece lens with a proper transmission. The good-quality optic is a prerequisite of appropriate light transmission. Various chemical coating systems determine the quality of the optical lenses. The multi-coating, fully-coating and fully multi-coating gradually increases the quality. So, for getting most clear and sharp images of the targeted goal with the accurate light transmission, you can select a scope that comes with fully multi-coated.

Body Construction

One of the most important options of the best spotting scope for hunting is its body construction. The hunting is a rugged and adventurous task where you need a scope that is capable absorbing the shooting shock of the rifle. Sometimes the hunting mission may fall into a sudden extreme atmospheric situation like rain and such. For surviving in this situation a waterproof scope is perfect. Some rubber armored and sealed optics spotting scopes are available on the market, and they will be the right associate at your hunting operation.

Appropriate Tripod

Setting an appropriate target on a certain object depends mostly on the steady position of the spotting scope. A suitable tripod can keep the scope in a firm manner to get you exact focus. You can set the scope on the tripod for adjusting with your body height as well as with the level of the targeted object. A tabletop tripod is an authentic role-playing equipment when you are ready for target shooting or hunting. Lots of universal tripods are available in the marketplaces with added mount for rotating the scope by which you can change your target goal quickly. So, a tripod can facilitate your hunting in many ways.

Camera Adapter

Most of the hunters like to take the photograph of the animal they set the target to shoot. For such digiscoping, a universal camera adapter is quite necessary. Getting exact images of the targeted animal is the matter of making mind for shooting immediately or not. Only the proper digiscoping can provide the true image of the object, and it depends on the accepted positioning of the camera. An appropriate adapter can ensure such a firm adjustment of the camera with the scope, and you can take the snap and shoot exactly in the position you desire.


An eyepiece and its related configuration can keep a vital role in selecting best spotting scopes for hunting. The eyepiece may be with zoom or single magnification. If the eyepiece comes with singular magnification, within the range of 15-45x that will be the perfect for hunting job and will provide you the appropriate size of images. You can adjust the magnification level as per your requirement if the eyepiece is with the zoom facility. An increased eye relief distance eases the viewing through the eyepiece even if your eyeglasses on. For firm focusing on the target, an eyepiece cup also can resist the unnecessary light that can hamper your viewing.

The Prism

You should consider the prism quality when choosing the best spotting scope for hunting. Prism keeps the image in a right position in your view with appropriate flipping. In this regard, hunters like the spotting scope come with porro prism that is capable producing the edge to edge sharp image.


In conclusion, choosing the best spotting scopes for hunting will keep your chasing mission on right track. A successful shooting operation will mostly depend on the appropriateness of your spotting scope. It must characterize for hunting purpose, though the usual nature observing will also be possible by such a featured spotting scope. Besides the applicable magnification and lens quality, you should consider the related vital issues to ensure the highest accuracy at targeting the goal.