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Best Compact Spotting Scope – Guides & Reviews

Best Compact Spotting ScopeActually, there are a few packs, which have special pockets for carrying a spotting scope and tripod. If you do not have one of these models, what you will do to carry your scope and tripod. Have you any other option than to carry a complete compact scope that you can easily keep with other kits into your backpack? Spotting scopes are very useful tools to a nature lover. No one can deny that a spotting scope must add a tremendous enjoyment to your wildlife viewing. Your scope gets you closer to your target and lets you identify them lavishly. Now, if you are a backpacker, and you have to move constantly one place to another to study the nature or for hunting, a spotting scope, no, a compact spotting scope is necessary for you. A lightweight and compressed scope will help you to carry it comfortably as well as to set up and use it swiftly.

It is true that choosing a perfect spotting scope depends on various things. To choose the best scope at first you have to know the answer of few questions: for which purpose will you use it? What is your budget? How far will you go with the scope? Are you backpackers or you have vehicles to carry the gears? Are you immature or an experienced? It is quite impossible to choose a spotting scope that will meet your requirements. However, this article is only for you, if you need a compact spotting scope, I mean you are a backpacker, and you have to move away frequently to catch your targets. You have to consider the bellow matters to buy a compressed scope, which will help you to carry it comfortably and use it easily.

>> Key Features to Consider Before Buying << 

Recommended Best Compact Spotting Scope

Product nameOur ReviewsBuy From Amazon
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Sightmark Spotting Scope Kit Our ReviewShop Now
Alpen 20x50 Waterproof Mini Spotting ScopeOur ReviewShop Now
Celestron 52322 Landscout 12-36x60 Spotting ScopeOur ReviewShop Now
Firefield 12-36 x 50 SE Spotting Scope KitOur ReviewShop Now

1.Celestron LandScout 60MM Spotting Scope Backpack Kit

Price : $$$
Editor Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)
Best Compact Spotting Scope

Watching wildlife and natural scenery during your hiking excursion or campaign is the matter of pleasure if the Celestron LandScout 60MM Spotting Scope will be your companion all the way. This 12-36x magnification scope will provide you a quick set up the opportunity for using the zoom eyepiece to capture closely the most desired object. Huge light gathering facility of the 60 mm objective lens will satisfy you with all bright and photogenic images. The optic of this scope is fully coated that is sufficient for necessary light transmission for providing you a right enough image quality with sharpness.

You can use this scope comfortably by moving it the around with the rotating tripod mount that allows you revolving around the scope in full 360-degree angle when you set it on the tripod. This scope is compact and lightweight designed, and you can carry it safely and easily since there is a camouflage backpack is in the package. A soft carrying case will also facilitate the carrying the accessories and belongings related to the scope. The eyepiece cap and objective lens cap will keep the lenses protective when you do not use the scope. So, the 12-36×60 mm configured Celestron spotting scope will be the right selection for your outdoor adventure that keeps you on the right track at your wildlife and nature observing job.

Highlighted Features: 

  • The compact and lightweight design spotting scope is easy carrying
  • 12-36x magnification zoom eyepiece to find close distance object’s image with great definition
  • Fully coated optics with 60 mm diameter objective lens provide enough light gathering and transmission
  • Suitable tripod and tripod mount facilitate the firm viewing comfortable movability to the scope
  • Soft carrying case eases the carrying of the accessories
  • Angled shape zoom eyepiece is appropriate for level surface nature observing
  • Eyepiece cap and objective lens cap keep the lenses protective

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2.Sightmark Spotting Scope Kit 

Price : $$$Best Compact Spotting Scope
Editor Rating: 4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)

The Sightmark spotting scope is one of the best performers in the field of target shooting and game tracking at long-distance along with usual nature observation. If you want the distance hunting by this scope, the highest quality optics will offer you the perfect work delivery with all best-quality images of the object. This 15-45x60SE configured scope is capable produce the brighter and sharper images with supplying the huge amount of light through the housing at any magnification level within the range. Hunters are happy with the wide field of view of this scope that provides a full-length clear image of the targeted animal. They can maintain the precision accuracy at shooting for the appropriate magnification range and optic’s quality.

Long Distance Target Capability

The long-distance target capability has made the Sightmark spotting scope an outstanding tool for the users who love hunting and other long distance observance. At the 45x magnification, this scope offers the most significant performance of extended-range functioning with the details of the goal objects.For such a quality of this scope, the surveillance body and the sniper spotters like the features of this scope very much.

Highest Quality Optics

The optical lenses used in this scope are all improved quality for which you can see the images of the targeted objects in crystal clear and well-vivid manner. As the objective lens gathers much light, the other quality optics provides adequate light transmission. As a result, the long-distance viewers get their target with optimal clarity.

Highlighted Features: 

  • 15-45×60 SE configured scope is capable of producing the brighter and sharper images
  • Long-distance goal target with 45x magnification for shooting purpose
  • Lightweight and compact design, as well as waterproof rubber, textured body construction
  • Glare reducing and lens protective built in sunshade and filter kit also fit for light distortions
  • Enough light transmission and sharp image producing with fully multi-coated optics
  • Shock absorbance compact and lightweight spotting scope with durable construction
  • Wide field of view is preferable to the shooters and hunters for capturing broad areas
  • No dark or foggy appearance due to the nitrogen purged body
  • Limited lifetime warranty for ensuring the post-buying customer service

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3.Alpen 20×50 Waterproof Mini Spotting Scope

Price : $$
Editor Rating: 4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

Best Compact Spotting ScopeThe intermediate and long distance viewers those are interested in acceptable quality for getting all details of the object, the ALPEN Spotting Scopes work fine and the 20×50 configuration is the appropriate one. This straight focus system eyepiece spotting scope offers most clear images like many other high configuration scopes and focuses on the target easily. You will find the great quality spotting scope of the bargain price. The 20x magnification can give you most clear and bright image with the maximum field of view of 147 feet at 1000-yard distance. This mini scope comes with 50 mm diameter objective lens that is capable of collect well enough light that produces the great definition of the images of your desired object. The fully multi-coated optical lens will provide the highest light transmission whereas the BK7 porro prism keeps the images in a proper position with right flipping.

Within the bargain price of this scope, you will get a good-quality tripod for setting the scope so that you can view the object in a firm and steady position. When you think about the carrying of the scope from one place to another, the nylon carrying case with side pocket will be the safeguard of your apparatus. It is easy to carry individually or can keep it in your backpack. The waterproof body of this scope is also dust proof and shock resistant. You will find it fogproof since the housing of this scope is filled up with nitrogen gas. The viewing glare will be reduced due to the retractable sunshade comes with this spotting scope.

Highlighted Features:

  • Clear viewing and easy focusing scope
  • Maximum bright and clear image at 20x magnification
  • Great quality straight eyepiece scope at bargain prices
  • Quite portable 50 mm diameter objective lens with the capability of adequate light gathering
  • Appropriate for intermediate and long distance viewers with 20×50 mm configuration
  • Fully multi-coated optics for higher light transmission with better quality images
  • Extremely lightweight and compact scope suitable for outdoor persons
  • BK7 porro prism keeps the images in proper position by flipping
  • Glare reducing retractable sunshade also protect the object lens
  • Firm positioning with the adjustable tabletop tripod
  • Waterproof and fogproof with shock resistance facility

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4.Celestron 52322 Landscout 12-36×60 Spotting Scope

Price : $$
Editor Rating: 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

Best Compact Spotting Scope

Outdoor nature observing, hunting or bird watching will be the matter of amusement with the Celestron 52322 Landscout 12-36×60 Spotting Scope since it is lightweight and easy to use all the way. This compact 45-degree angled eyepiece scope is the perfect tool for shooting target where you need to adjust the position of the body and eye setting with the angle shape of the scope. You will get a detail up close viewing with the extensive field of view with the 12-36x zoom magnification. The 60 mm objective lens is large enough for getting all detail at the magnification of 12x even in the low-light condition. Your desire bright and sharp image producing will be the fact due to the amplified light transmission by the fully coated optics.

Rubber coating exterior of this scope covered the maximum part of the body of this scope. That’s why keeping on hand is easy and the outer surface of the scope more secured. The large focus wheel encasing the body of the scope has eased the adjusting task. Among the accessories comes with this scope, the backpack carrying case keeps protected the scope and the various elements related to it. Carrying from one place to another is easy and comfortable. When you need extra stability, the tripod will offer that as it is strong in the metal legs and suitable head. The objective lens and eyepiece will remain protected when you do not use the scope by using the caps. The scope also has the soft carrying case with hand strap and zipper for keeping the tiny parts of the scope safely.

Highlighted Features: 

  • 12-36x zoom eyepiece produces brighter and sharp image at close distance
  • 60 mm objective lens is big enough for getting all detail with increased light gathering
  • Optics are fully coated means adequate light transmission with offering appropriate image quality
  • Carrying and operation are much simple due to the compact and lightweight design
  • Rubber grip large focus wheel encasing the body of the scope ease the adjusting task
  • Rotating tripod mounts with the metal legs
  • Backpack carrying case keeps protected the scope and the various elements
  • Objective lens and eyepiece caps keep securing the lens and eyepiece
  • Soft carrying case for keeping tripod and minuscule parts of the scope

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5.Firefield 12-36 x 50 SE Spotting Scope Kit

Price : $$Best Compact Spotting Scope
Editor Rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

Firefield 12-36 x 50 SE Spotting Scope is bringing together a new stream in the field of spotting equipment. Within the short ranging magnification and comparatively small objective lens, this scope has overcome the limitations having with most brands. It is standard in the quality whereas the fully multi-coated optic is the best. Such superior quality lens provides all brighter and sharper images of the targeted object than many others running spotting tools. You will be impressed with the durable body construction of this scope. The rubber-coated housing structure is capable absorbing any unexpected shock. So, for better image quality in a short-distance viewing, this scope is an outstanding one.

Fully Multi-coated Optics

Most of the super quality scope comes with the fully multi-coated optics. It is a certain chemical layering on the lenses for increasing the quality and light transmission capacity. Other coating types are the coating, fully coating and multi-coating. Fully and multi-coated is better than the single coating one. The fully multi-coated optic is quite worked worthy for transmitting the light and delivering crispy images.

 Rubber Coated Body

The body construction of the Firefield 12-36x50SE spotting scope is good in quality and dependable. The rubber coating on the housing of this scope is durable and has made this item totally shock absorbing. At any rough use, there is no fear of damaging easily.

Nitrogen Purged Tube

The body tube of this scope is fog proof. It is filled up with nitrogen gas for making the inside fog free. When you see through the eyepiece, you can view the all clear and dark free appearance. Images come from the object are clear and bright.

Highlighted Features: 

  • 12-36x magnification and 50 mm objective lens spotting scope initiated new trend in the field
  • Lucrative and sophisticated design
  • Fully multi-coated optics is capable transmit enough light to the eyepiece lens for better images
  • Durable rubber armored body construction is huge shock absorbance
  • Nitrogen purged system housing ensures the clear appearance without foggy darkness
  •  Sunshade reduces the viewing glare and protects the lens from wet and heat
  • Alongside tripod is strong and perfect for firm positioning
  • Transportation is easy and safe with the soft nylon carrying case
  • Easy operative and smooth focus knob

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Things to consider when buying a Compact Spotting Scope:

Size and Weight

Whether a spotting scope is compact or not depends on the size and the weight of the scope. We strongly advocate here of keeping a simple and light scope for hunting. There are enough things to worry when hunting with weary animals, terrain or terrible weather etc. If you carry a lightweight and smaller scope, it will allow you to hunt further and longer as well as it will generate more opportunities to harvest an animal at the end of the day. You should choose such a scope that is simple to pack and comfortable to carry.

Easy to set up & use

We thoughtfully examine every type of spotting scope and letting you know that a compact spotting scope is very painless to set up and use. If you need to take a quick view, a heavier scope cannot help you that a compact one will do. You can swiftly release the kit from your pack and set it instantly to look at your target and use it easily.


A tripod is a very important accessory for operating your scope perfectly. You may get your tripod with your scope, or sometimes you may have to buy it. Whatever it is, your tripod must have to be sufficiently solid to keep the scope stable. To get the best service from a tripod you have to spend money and buy a stronger and slight heavier one. Nevertheless, if you are going for a long hiking trip, we highly recommend you to get a lightweight tripod.


As you are thinking to buy a compact spotting scope to carry and use it easily, you have to consider the durability of the scope. Your scope is better when it is robust and is made of sturdy materials. The twist is sometimes the heavy materials make the scope larger and heavier. Check the scope if it is bigger than your pack.


The most important factor is to consider your budget when you want to buy a spotting scope. If you are searching for a compact scope, good news is for you that generally a compressed scope does not cost much. If your budget is low, obviously, you will get a poor brand or fewer features’ scopes. If that is the case, you should select the scope, which contains at least the main or important features.

Body Style

You will find two different types of spotting scopes in the market: a straight body scope and an angular one. Both works fantastic most of the situations but any one of them may be preferable in particular circumstances. The straight one works well while you will view from a towering position whereas the angled one is perfect for the place that is smaller than the usual. If you are to use the scope from the window of a vehicle, the angular scope will work fine.

More Features

You should consider the above features only when you are searching for especially a compact scope. However, more features are important to consider whatever the type of your scope is. The users usually observe the magnification, objective lens, FOV, eye relief, lens coating, prism type, close focus, waterproofing and fog proofing, warranty issue, etc when buying a scope. Here the important factor is while choosing a compact scope you may have to consider at least few of these features.