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ALPEN 20-60×80 Waterproof Fogproof Spotting Scope Review

alpen 20-60x80 spotting scope

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Alpen 788 spotting scope is the instrument of the famous optics manufacturer company the ALPEN Optics. Since 1997, they have been developed the best-quality optic instrument, and this item is one of them. The Alpen 788 spotting scope is a panoramic view providing optical scope. The 20-60x magnification of this scope will provide you the maximum image quality of the desired object. You will get the huge light for increasing the image definition by the 80mm objective lens comes with this scope.

This 17-inch long scope comes with 45-degree angled eyepiece that is perfect for comfortable viewing and a table-top tripod which is suitable for the user who usually watching prolonged the nature. An attractive and durable aluminum foam filled case keeps the kit altogether in a safe manner. The optics help you the close-up viewing of distance objects at high power. You will be able to enjoy the bright crisp image due to the lenses and prism come with this well-structured spotting scope.

Features & Specifications
Price$$$ Check Latest Price
Editor Rating4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)
Body Design Angled Body Scope
Magnification20 - 60x
Objective Lens Diameter80 mm
Prism Type & MaterialPorro & BaK-4
Eyepiece Angle45°
Close Focus 20-25ft
Field Of View (ft @ 1000 yds) - Low/High113ft/55ft
Lens Coating Fully-Multi-coated
Eye Relief19-18mm
Exit Pupil 4.0-1.33mm
Waterproof and FogproofYes
Product Length17"
Net Weight (oz.) 5656oz / 1587.57gr
TripodMicro-adjustable Tabletop Tripod
Carrying CaseFoam-filled Aluminum
WarrantyLifetime Manufacturer's Warranty

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Features of Waterproof 20 – 60×80 Alpen Angled Spotting Scope – 45 Degree Eyepiece:

20X-60X Zoom Eyepieces

The powerful zoom eyepiece of this scope comes with 20-60x magnification lens. Because of this standard magnification range of the Alpen 788 spotting scope, you can view the nature with the desired size. At the 20x magnification, the image of the object will come to you with its greatest size. When you zoom with 60x magnification, you will get the highest field of view. In both cases, you will be satisfied by the quality of images due to the worthwhile optics of this spotting scope.

80mm Objective Lens:

The 80mm objective lens of the Alpen 788 spotting scope is more than the standard for nature observing. This size lens can receive much light from the outside object and the light forwards to the eyepiece lens through the tube. Due to the optimal amount of light enter into the scope, the image of the targeted object looks bright and in the reasonable size. The objective lens of this scope is high quality, and the surface of this lens can gather good enough light to view the nature properly.

45-Degree Angled Eyepiece:

The 45-degree angled eyepiece of the Alpen 788 spotting scope is appropriate for effortless nature viewing. This shape of the eyepiece offers an opportunity of choosing the position of the body and your eye. You can see the objects with a comfortable and relax mood by reducing the viewing glare. You will get a less strenuous viewing experience due to the 45-degree angle of this scope. Such eyepiece does not need to adjust much, and you can observe the nature easily .It provides a reasonable eye relief distance with maintaining the image quality.

BAK4 High Index Prism Glass:

Getting the exact image position and edge to edge sharper image is only possible if the scope has the superior quality prism. In this respect, the Alpen 788 spotting scope comes with the BAK4 prism of high index glass that is well enough for maintaining the standard of the images you find through your scope.

Fully Multicoated Optics:alpen 20-60x80 spotting scope

There are multiple anti-reflective chemical coatings on the objective lens in the Alpen 788 spotting scope. This technology helps to transmit more light through the scope and produce high-quality images.The fully multi-coated optic of this scope offers high-quality sharp image. The Alpen 788 spotting scope is with multiple anti-reflective chemical coatings. This process is capable providing you the better-quality light-transmitting along with the good-quality image. The surface of the lens is entirely multicoated. This coating is supportive enough for collecting the huge amount of light from the outside. By getting much bright light, you can grasp the lively image of the targeted thing.

Extendable Sun Shade:

The extendable sun shade comes with the Alpen 788 spotting scope is perfect for shadow the scope’s lens. It protects the lens from much heat caused by the sun. The sun shade is also helpful for not wetting the lens in a rainy situation. This extended sun shade reduces the glare of viewing by preventing the unnecessary reflection from the light.

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Waterproof, Fog proof, and Shock-Resistant Housing:

The Alpen 788 spotting scope is waterproof, fog proof and has the shock-resistant housing. The rubber covered body has ensured the waterproofing which facilitates the outdoor nature observing and hunting through the forest and such. It is filled up with nitrogen for preventing the internal fog that may cause of high humidity. In any rough using or using with the rifle, the scope is shock resistant due to the rubber armored body structure.

Micro-Adjustable Tabletop Tripod Included:

A micro-adjustable tabletop tripod is included with this best spotting scope. For a steady and effortless viewing the nature, this tabletop tripod plays a vital role. When you set a target up for prolonged viewing, this small shape tripod is essential. You can set it on a table and can target to the object. It also ensures the stable watching of the desired object without any possibility of shaking.

 Aluminum Foam Filled Locking Travel Case:

This spotting scope has an aluminum foam filled locking travel case that is the appropriate one for safe carrying of it. When you are in the outdoor recreational program, you may need to carry the scope one place to another. In this regard, the scope is easily carrying able with this portable aluminum travel case. This carrying case also keeps a vital role in respect of safeguard of this scope.

ALPEN’s Lifetime Warranty:

In the field of the spotting scope, ALPEN has been producing the nitrogen filled, waterproof, dustproof and shock-resistant scopes since 1997. In respect of Alpen 788, the manufacturer is offering the lifetime warranty. By purchasing this model, you can enjoy the lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. You need to contact the manufacturer directly for this warranty.


  1. Completely waterproof and fog proof scope fit for extreme atmospheric situation
  2. Suitable micro-adjustable tabletop tripod provides steady using
  3. Attractive strong aluminum foam filled case for safeguard and easy carrying
  4. Panoramic view providing magnification
  5. Close up viewing of distance objects at high power
  6. Retractable sun shades for reducing the glare
  7. BAK4 multi-coated optics deliver a bright crisp image
  8. Lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship
  9. Wide enough objective lens
  10. Nitrogen filled, waterproof and shock-resistant scope


  1. Size and weight may be carrying concern
  2. Somebody got the tripod much flexible

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question-1: Can I use a camera with this spotting scope?

Answer: With this spotting scope there is no camera adapter. For digiscoping, you need to purchase a separate camera adapter, and then you can use a camera with this scope.

Question-2: Have any tripod with this scope?

Answer: The Alpen 788 spotting scope comes with the suitable micro-adjustable tabletop tripod that provides steady and prolonged using the opportunity.

Question-3: What is the close focus distance of this scope?

Answer: The close focus distance of this scope is 20 feet. From this distance, you can use it and because of all quality optics, you will be able to get high definition in the image of the desired object.

Question-4: How much the Alpen 788 model suitable for image quality?

Answer: This spotting scope comes with all good quality optical lenses. It has also the 20-60x standard magnification and wide aperture with 80 mm. You will also get the fully multicoated optics. So, this scope is able to provide the high-quality image of the objects.

Question-5: Is the eye relief distance enough for using with wearing glass?

Answer: The maximum eye relief distance of the eyepiece of this scope is 19 mm that is enough for using with wearing glass.

Question-6: How much the field of view of this scope?

Answer: At 1000 yards distance the maximum field of view of this scope is 113 feet and minimum field of view is 55 feet that is good enough for viewing a certain object with the better quality image.

Question-7: Is the scope fog proof?

Answer: yes, this scope’s tube is filled with nitrogen for fog proofing.

Question-8: Can I watch the wildlife and birds by this scope?

Answer: The scope has the 80 mm objective lens with 20-60x magnification and 113 feet maximum field of view that is good for wildlife and bird watching.


In conclusion, the Alpen 788 spotting scope is wonderfully constructed with waterproof body and fog proofing technology. The rubber covered body of this scope is also shock resistant and usable at any atmospheric situation. Users like the panoramic view providing magnification of this scope very much. Well-construction and super quality materials, all class’s users are extremely satisfied with the worthiness of this scope, and they would like to recommend this scope to others.

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