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The best spotting scope can fulfill the desire of adventurous nature observing, hunting, target shooting or the bird watching. Refractor spotting scope is much appropriate for getting better-quality images of particular object and distance watching than a traditional binocular. Spotting scope with large objective lens and the enhanced magnification is always preferable for its multiple purposes serving capacity. It can give a wide-ranging and long distance observing opportunity of nature within its set range and huge light gathering ability. In this regard, the spotting scope is an ideal optical instrument in respect of determining great image quality and delivering the object detailed.

A handful amounts of spotting scope available on the current marketplaces with different valuable features. Some scopes come with changeable eyepieces and have the option of changing the magnification level or the eyepiece with the digiscoping facility. You will get various types of chemical coating on the optics for improving the quality of it, but most of the superior scope having the fully coated, multi-coated or fully multi-coated optics. Some scopes have the tripod and in respect of some others, you need to buy one separately. When you review a scope, you will get some super quality scope with waterproofing and fog proofing facility. Though most of the valuable parts and materials of the scope are superior in quality, you should be a bit cautious about purchasing one that will serve your purpose truly.

Top 10 Spotting Scope Reviews

The Spotting Scope manufacturer developed variety of scopes with different designs, materials and features, which will confuse you to choose the perfect one. No worry, we have built a list of top 10 spotting scopes based on best features, real customer reviews and price. Read our top 10 best spotting scope honest reviews and pick one according to your needs.

Celestron 52250 80mm Ultima Zoom Spotting Scope

Price : $$$
Editor Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

Important Features at a Glance 

  • 20-60x zoom eyepiece gives you desired magnification
  • 45° angle is appropriate for comfortable viewing
  • 80 mm Refractor Objective Lens offers great-quality images
  • Multi-coated optics capable for good transmitting of the light
  • Rubber armored housing for waterproofing and shock absorbance
  • Waterproof body construction is suitable for extreme weather
  • Soft carrying case included for better carrying facility 
  • Celestron 52250 scope gives you limited lifetime warranty

Celestron has been producing the good-quality optical instruments for decades. The Celestron 52250 80mm Ultima Zoom Spotting Scope is their superior product with 20-60x magnification and 80 mm objective lens. You can find a particular size of the image at any specific magnification within the 20-60x range. By the 80 mm large objective lens the scope will receive huge amounts of light that helps to produce clear and crispy images of your desired object. All the lenses of this refractor scope are multi-coated that transmit the light accurately towards the eyepiece lens and determine the appropriate image quality.

The 45-degree angle eyepiece gives you an effortless and comfortable observing of nature. Due to the angle shape, you can adjust your body and eye position inline of your expected comfort. The scope comes with the rubber armored housing that has made it strong and protects the scope from any unusual shock. Because of this rubber gripping and sealed optics, the scope is waterproof and suitable for using in any extreme weather. The sight tube of this scope will help you at quick targeting the object, and the smooth focus knob can be used for rotating the objective lens for proper focusing on the object. All these great features make Celestron 52250 scope as the best spotting scope. You can keep the scope safe and carry easily by using the soft carrying case comes with this spotting scope.

Vanguard Endeavor HD Angled Eyepiece Spotting Scope

Price : $$$
Editor Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

Important Features at a Glance

  • Two different range of magnification and objective lens size
  • Changeable 45° angled eyepiece with rubber eyecup for safety
  • Fully Multicoated Optics for better light transmission
  • BAK-4 prism ensure the exact image flipping
  • Nitrogen-filled fog proofing and rubber armored waterproof housing
  • Built-In Sunshield offers the lens protection from heat and wet
  • You will get premium lifetime warranty for this scope
  • The double focus wheel of this scope for adjusting focus properly
  • Vanguard Endeavor has large Field of View (FOV)

The Vanguard Endeavor HD Angled Eyepiece Spotting Scope is the best value spotting scope and widely used optical equipment for outdoor viewing activities like hunting, birding, nature observing. Due to the versatility of the parts and outfits used in this scope, it has converted into a super quality nature observing apparatus. The Vanguard Endeavor HD Angled Eyepiece Spotting Scope comes with two different objective lens sizes. One model has 65mm objective lens and in this case the magnification power is 15-45x. Another one has 82mm objective lens and 20-60x magnification. This two different set of eyepiece magnification and the size of the objective lens are its exceptional features. In two different cases, you can get certain facilities of observing nature, hunting or target shooting. In respect of 82 mm aperture, you can also use any set of magnification. So, you can enjoy the expanded image size and quality from this well-equipped spotting scope.

 The detachable eyepiece and its adapter setting quality facilitated the most desired digiscoping opportunity. You can set a camera with the eyepieces, if you want to take the photograph of any stunning view. Fully multi-coated optics is super in quality and capable transmitting sufficient light for producing a sharp and bright image. The high-quality BAK-4 prism ensures the proper image position with appropriate flipping and maintaining the image quality. You will get distraction-free nature observing moment at any extreme atmospheric situation since the scope is waterproof with sealed optics. It can absorb any unusual shock due to the rubber armored magnesium body construction. Viewing appearance will be clear because of the nitrogen purged fog proofing. Two other essential features of this scope are the tripod mounting shoe and built-in sun-shield for firm and glare-free viewing. As an additional facility, you can enjoy the premium lifetime warranty by purchasing this spotting scope.

BARSKA 20-60x60 Waterproof Straight Spotting Scope with Tripod

Price : $$
Editor Rating: 4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)

Important Features at a Glance

  • 20x-60x magnification with zoom capability facilitate the desired image size
  • 60mm objective lens with fully coated gather much light and transmit them properly
  • BK-7 Porro Prism offers desired image with proper reflection
  • Straight body design scope is appropriate for viewing nature from high position
  • Rubber armor housing keep well the scope with shock absorbing
  • Smooth focusing knob helps to focus on the target perfectly
  • 100% waterproof means appropriate for extreme weather
  • Clear appearance of viewing with nitrogen purged Fogproofing
  • Attached lens cover protect the optics from dust and wet
  • Easy and smooth moving of the scope by pan-head tripod
  • Lifetime warranty ensures the post-buying customer service

BARSKA has the strong brand recognition in respect of producing the good quality spotting scopes. One of their best spotting scope is the BARSKA 20-60×60 Spotting Scope that is appropriate for nature observing, hunting and bird watching. The 20-60x magnification will provide appropriate size of the images at any magnification level with wide-ranging field of view. The 60mm objective lens is big enough for gathering the light and forwards them towards the eyepiece lens, so that you can get the desired image of your objects. You will enjoy the expressive and bright view of the objects due to the fully coated lens that transmits the light accurately.

The BK-7 Porro prism is active behind flipping the images for proper positioning. Straight body shape  of this scope will give you the easy viewing opportunity of the valley nature from high hill position. Rubber armored housing and 100 percent waterproof body construction has made the scope fit for using in the extreme atmospheric situation. Due to the rubber armoring, it can absorb any unusual shock. This scope is also having nitrogen-purged technology for fog proofing that ensures the clear viewing appearance. Smooth focusing knob facilitates the easy rotating of the objective lens for proper focusing. The soft carrying case keeps the scope secure at carrying and lens cover protects the lens from dust and wet. You can set the scope on the suitable tripod comes with it for steady and firm viewing of nature. Additionally, you will get the lifetime warranty for defected materials with purchasing this scope.

Celestron 52252 100mm Ultima Zoom Spotting Scope

Price : $$$
Editor Rating: 4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)

Important Features at a Glance

  • Multi-coated optics of this scope transmits the light a huge
  • 22-66x zoom eyepiece offers various sizes of the object images at different magnification points
  • 100mm large objective lens as refractor spotting scope
  • 45-degree angled spotting scope appropriate for viewing 
  • Sight tube helps the quick targeting to a particular object
  • Secured transportation with the soft carrying case
  • Post-buying customer service by limited lifetime warranty
  • Fit for extreme atmospheric situation since the waterproof and fog proof system

When you think about best spotting scope for making joyful of your outdoor nature observing amusement, the Celestron 52252 100mm Ultima Zoom Spotting Scope can be your great tools. A huge amount of light will enter the housing and reach to the eyepiece lens due to the ultra-large 100 mm objective lens. Such a big aperture ensures the clear and bright images of the targeted objects. The 22-66x magnification will provide you the image size you want within its set range. The multi-coated optics appropriately transmit the light that helps to convert the object’s images sharp and well contrast.

The super zooming eyepiece of this scope will offer you a wonderful view and quality of your targeted objects, whatever it is hunting or bird watching. The sight tube will assist you at quick targeting to aim objects. When you watch the moving birds, this sight tube facility will work fine for changing the focus on the object swiftly. Transporting of this scope will be the easy and comfortable matter with the soft carrying case. This case can encase the reasonably long scope safely. This sealed-optics waterproof scope has the rubber armored body that is highly shock absorbing. For getting additional surety of post-buying customer service, you should not forget about the limited lifetime warranty offers by the manufacturer of this scope.

Konus 7122 20x-60x100mm Spotting Scope

Price : $$$
Editor Rating : 4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

Important Features at a Glance

  • 20-60x Magnification and 100mm objective Lens with Extendable sunshade
  • Multi-coated optics for increasing the quality of lens
  • Wide field 45-degree angled eyepiece
  • Featuring superb prisms for image position and quality
  • Water and fog proof with rubber armored body and nitrogen purged
  • Suitable camera adaptor for digiscoping
  • Easy carrying with nylon soft carrying case
  • Large 4.0" aperture and wide field of view in low light

The Konus 7122 20x-60x100mm spotting scope is an outdoor spotting equipment used for hunting, birding, target shooting or nature observing. The images of your targeted objects will be super in quality due to the reasonable magnification and aperture that is 20-60×100mm. When you want more satisfactory view of your objects, you can change the magnification and set on a certain point that provides your desired images. Large-size objective lens always delivers a huge amount of light that enters to the housing for making the object’s images well-contrast and bright. In this respect, this 100 mm aperture will produce high-definition images with superior quality. Some super features like large field of view and exit pupil diameter, high zoom magnification and huge objective lens size makes this scope as a best spotting scope.

The multi-coated optics transmits huge light to the eyepiece lens through the housing. Such a high-quality lens used in this scope has increased the power of producing the good-quality images of entities with supplying sufficient light. You will have to engage less effort for viewing the nature as the scope comes with 45-degree angled eyepiece. With this angled eyepiece, adjusting your body and eye position is easy and comfortable. The prisms used inside the scope are super featuring and able to show the right position and quality of the images. Carrying and digiscoping are much easier due to the soft carrying case and suitable camera adapter comes with this scope respectively.

Redfield Rampage 20-60x60mm Spotting Scope

Price : $$$
Editor Rating : 4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

Important Features at a Glance

  • 20-60x Magnification and 60mm objective lens
  • Constructed with a Polycarbonate body that is lightweight and strong
  • Fully multi-coated Lens increased the optics quality
  • BAK4 Prism System for bright image
  • Best in glass durability, image quality and field of view
  • Retractable lens shade is reduce the unusual light reflection
  • Twist-up rubber eyecup ensure comfortable viewing
  • Waterproof and nitrogen filled fogproof and shock proof
  • Full Lifetime Warranty with material defects
  • Soft storage case and view-thru case included
  • Tabletop tripod for steady viewing
  • Tripod adaptable mount facilitate setting the scope on tripod

Redfield Rampage 20-60x60mm spotting scope is one of the best nature observing optical instruments. The 20-60x magnification and 60mm objective lens ensures your perfect viewing experience with great image quality and size. For getting different field of view, you can adjust the magnification level as your desire. You will get contrast images at any point of the magnification. The 60 mm objective lens allows the big amount of light entering through the aperture to the eyepiece lens. So, the object’s images come with high-definition and clarity.

This spotting scope comes with Polycarbonate body that is lightweight and strong enough. Such a quality gives you the opportunity of shock absorbance and easy carrying to any outdoor program in an extreme weather situation. The waterproof and fog proofing qualities of this scope give you a hassle-free and interruption-free nature observing opportunity. It has also the fully multi-coated lens that is active for increasing the optics quality and bright picture of the object with accepted light transmitting. The BAK4 prism keeps the image in proper position by exact flipping with maintaining the image quality. Carrying and keeping with the safe manner is easy because of the soft storage case comes with this scope. You will also be able to comfortable viewing due to the twist-up eyecup and retractable lens shade of this scope. Additionally, full lifetime warranty offers by the manufacturer will ensure the post buying service for defects in materials of this scope.

BARSKA Blackhawk 20-60×60mm Waterproof Angled Spotting Scope

Price : $$$
Editor Rating : 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

Important Features at a Glance

  • Angled eyepiece is suitable for easy and effortless viewing
  • 20-60x zomm magnification for better viewing
  • Multicoated chemical layer optics 
  • 60mm objective lens gather huge light for better images
  • Rubber armoring body allows the rugged use and resistant the unusual shocks
  • Complete waterproof protects from bad atmospheric affect
  • Fogproof protection system prevent the dark appearance in the inside
  • Extendable sunshade protects the objective lens and reduce the glare
  • Hard and soft carrying cases ensure the proper security and easy transportation of the scope
  • Panhead lever tripod perfect for moving around the scope
  • Post-buying customer service with limited lifetime warranty

The Barska Blackhawk Spotter is the scope with significant magnification and the objective lens that provides a wide range of viewing opportunity at the hunting and nature observing. Stand out image quality is very usual by using this 20-60x magnification and 60 mm super quality green objective lens. Whenever you think about the image size, you can find it by setting the new magnification within the range of 20-60x. This magnification range is enough for getting your desired image of nature or hunting object. 60 mm objective lens will offer you the contrast images with increased light gathering capacity.

This apparatus comes with the angled eyepiece for which you can easily adjust the position of your body and cool keeping the eye at the eyepiece for the desired observing. Multi-coated lens ensures the better light transmission of the light to the eye piece lens and producing razor-sharp images for you. Glare-free watching through this scope is possible due to the extended sunshade in the front side that also protects the lens from wet and sun heat. Both the waterproof system and rubber armoring body construction has converted the scope protected and shock absorbing. The nitrogen purged technology has made it completely fog proof and high humid weather using friendly. Because of the Panhead lever tripod, this scope is smoothly movable for changing the target. You will get the easy and protective transportation facility since the hard and soft carrying case comes with this spotting scope. For your next adventure you can pick this best spotting scope without any hesitation for its great features.

Bushnell Trophy XLT 20-60x 65mm Waterproof Compact Tripod Spotting Scope

Price : $$$
Editor Rating : 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

Important Features at a Glance

  • 20 to 60x zoom magnification ensures the various sizes of the images in different points
  • 65mm objective lens gather a huge amount of light that helps to produce better-quality picture of the objects
  • Hundred percent waterproof housing offers good works at bad atmospheric situation
  • Fully multi-coated optics provides the proper light transmission
  • Compact tripod offer steady and firm viewing experience at prolonged
  • Keeping safe and transportation is easy because of the premium hard-side carrying case

The Bushnell is the spotting scope producing company, which has been leading the scope industry for more than half a century. The Bushnell Trophy XLT is one of the best spotting scope of their all optical instruments. You will find this dazzling scope that will be appropriate for hunting and your usual nature observing activities. The 20-60x 65mm configurations with zoom magnification have made this item an ultimate spotting scope. You can get the proper view of objects at any point by changing magnification level. The 65 mm diameter objective lens has the capability of the huge light gathering and offering brighter images at any observing task.

The fully multicoated optics is improved in quality and transmits the light for converting the images at your desired definition. Due to the rugged and rubber-armored housing, this scope is quite durable and shock absorbance. It comes with the great quality of waterproof and fog proof manners. Because of the sealed optics waterproof body, this scope is fit for extreme atmospheric situations. The nitrogen purged system has made the scope for proof usable at high-humid situation. The compact tripod helps you better when you want to view an object for prolonged with firm and steady situation. Your transportation will be easy and well-secured because of the hard side carrying case comes with this spotting scope.

Celestron Ultima 65 18 to 55x65 Straight Spotting Scope

Price : $$$
Editor Rating : 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

Important Features at a Glance

  • Zoom eyepiece offers you wide-ranging 18-55x magnification which will give you desired images 
  • Refractor spotting scope with 65 mm objective lens 
  • Straight eyepiece design is suitable for plain surface nature observing
  • Multi-coated optics improved the optics quality with offering clear view of objects
  • Changing the focus and quick targeting is easy due to the sight tube of this scope
  • Ultra-protective with waterproof body construction
  • Easy transportable soft carrying case
  • Ensured customer service and limited lifetime warranty.

Having a great and powerful spotting scope is a matter of the good-quality optical lens with the appropriate magnification and related sophisticated parts of the scope. The 18-55x magnification and 65 mm objective lens of the Celestron Ultima 65 18 to 55×65 Straight Spotting Scope is good enough for a scope that is excellent all the way for outdoor nature observing and sporting activities. The 18-55x magnification of this scope is suitable for hunting purpose or target shooting. You can easily get the better view of your targeted objects by adjusting the magnification level. The 65 mm objective lens is large enough for gathering huge amount of light and producing bright images of the object.

Straight-through zoom eyepiece of this scope is perfectly performing at valley viewing and at the hiking. You can watch the bellow’s scene of the valley from a high hill position by the straight eyepiece scope. This refractor design spotting scope is having with sight tube for quick targeting. You can watch the flying birds or moving animals by changing the focus quickly with this sight tube. The multi-coated optics offer huge light transmission for brighter and sharper images of the object. The waterproof housing provides added opportunity of scope protection at any extreme weather that is essential for continuous spotting activities. Safe transportation of this scope is ensured by the soft carrying case comes with this instrument that you can keep in the backpack too.

ALPEN 20-60x80 Waterproof Fogproof Spotting Scope

Price : $$$
Editor Rating : 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

Important Features at a Glance

  • Powerful zoom eyepieces with 20X-60X magnification
  • 80mm objective lens provides adequate light to the eyepiece
  • Angled eyepiece ensure the effortless and comfortable viewing
  • Fully multicoated optics are capable to transmitting maximum light
  • Extendable sun shade for glare-free viewing
  • Waterproof and fog proof protection
  • Foam Filled aluminum carrying case included

Alpen 788 Spotting Scope is the excellent equipment of renowned scope producing company the ALPEN Optics. Since 1997, the company has been delivering all super quality spotting scopes for fulfilling the demand of the users. This product comes with 20-60x powerful zoom magnification that offers the hunter and nature observer a pleasing watching opportunity of distance objects. At any magnification level set in this scope, you can get your hunting objects in appropriate view. The 45-degree angled eyepiece is perfectly performing when you watch the nature at horizontal line. From the vehicle, the viewing is more enjoyable and effortless with this scope. The 80 mm objective lens ensures the increased light gathering for delivering photogenic image quality.

Chemical coating system increased the quality of the optics. Among various coatings, the fully multi-coated optics has the appropriate light transmitting capacity. When your scope transmits exact light to the eyepiece lens, you can see the great image quality. The BAK4 Porro prism offers the sharp image with proper image positioning by accurate image flipping. You can carry the scope safely by the aluminum foam-filled travel case comes with this scope and set for prolonged viewing easily with the micro-adjustable tabletop tripod come with this scope. With considering all features you can buy this best spotting scope for your outdoor viewing activities.

Spotting Scope buying guide – Consider the following key features

Body Style

Body style of the spotting scope is the most importantly noticeable factor since it produces with an angle or straight shape. Most of the angle shape scope comes with the eyepiece that is fixed with the scope’s body in the 45-degree angle. This kind of scope is appropriate for observing the nature in the plain surface, and you can comfortably view the object even from the vehicle. The most remarkable merit of this scope is that you can easily adjust your body and eye position with this scope without adjusting the eyepiece, mostly.

When your position is too high from your desired object, you can get the maximum facility of viewing nature by a spotting scope that has the straight body shape. Here the eyepiece position is parallel to the main body of the scope. This kind of scope is perfect at the time of outdoor adventures, like hiking. You can see the valley view with a photographic manner from the hilltop by keeping the scope straight to the object. 


Magnification of the spotting scope provides you the image appearance in various sizes within a certain range. In most of the cases, you require the magnification range of 20x to 40x for a better viewing. Some scope comes with the maximum magnification of 60x that is suitable with high-quality optics. With a less magnification, the image quality will be better whereas the images will be a bit of reduced quality at higher magnification.

In the more humid environment, you will need to use the low magnification, because such atmospheric condition is an obstacle for getting the good image. On the other hand, you can apply the higher magnification at the relatively dry weather.

So, the wide-ranging capacity in magnification will provide you the opportunity of choosing the magnification level.     

Objective Lens

The objective lens is basically functional for gathering the light and passes them into the housing of the spotting scope for viewing the image. Usually, most of the good-quality objective lens of the scope comes with the diameter from 50 mm to 80 mm. Some higher-quality lens is also available with a bigger diameter. So when you think about a spotting scope, consider the size and quality of the objective lens first for getting the brighter images of nature. The aperture with a big diameter and good in quality will provide you superior images even at a higher magnification because it can capture huge light.

Lens Coating

For getting the better quality optics with the spotting scope, you have to think over the chemical coating system that applies on the lens. There are multiple coated lenses available; the multicoated, fully coated and fully multi-coated and their quality also vary one to another. The fully coated lens has the better light transmitting capability than the multi-coated one. When you want to get the finest light transmission and bright image, the fully multicoated lens is the best option for you. For better quality optics, you have to spend more prices. In this respect, you should consider the quality of the lenses come with a particular spotting scope for getting the better image of the object at any point of magnification.  

Eye Relief

You have to take into account the eye relief of the scope for viewing through the eyepiece comfortably. It is the certain distance between the eyepiece lens and eye of the viewer. From any point of this distance, you will see the object’s image with the same features. If you are a glass wearer, the comparatively big eye relief will offer you an extra opportunity of viewing without any diligent. A minimum 14 mm eye relief is suitable for the glass wearer.

Prism Type

Choosing the spotting scope with the right prism is a vital issue. Prism uses for flipping the image right-side up and left to right and to determine the quality of the picture produced through the scope. 

Two different kinds of prism are available-the roof prism and porro prism. For getting a slim and compact spotting scope, you can choose one comes with the roof prism though it has no option for changing the eyepiece. You will get the opportunity of digiscoping with the spotting scope having a porro prism because of the option of interchangeable eyepiece and setting of the camera adapter.

The optical prism usually produced from borosilicate glass that is called BK-7 and the barium that is BAK-4. The latter one is better-quality and can provide the image clarity and sharpness. In respect of porro prism, the BAK-4 glass is the right option.  

Eye piece

The interchangeable eyepieces of the scope have multiple options, including zoom focusing and changed magnification that you may need in different atmospheric situation. You can get the facility of digiscoping with this kind of eyepiece by setting a separate camera adapter. They are usually having with great eye relief and high-quality image delivering. You might have to spend more prices for them due to the multiple opportunities. Spotting scope with non-removable eyepiece offers singles magnification with fixed eye relief and within the low price range, but in this respect, there is no hassle of extra work for interchanging.  

Close Focus

When you want to see the very small objects, the close focus distance will provide you the appropriate opportunity. It is the minimum distance range from where you can focus on any tiny things. For example, you can observe the very detailed of the bird’s feather focusing on such a close distance. In respect of most of the scope, the near focus distance is 20 feet. In this starting point, the image quality of the objects is finest.


There are three types of tripod available on the market – Compact Tripods, Full-Size Tripods, Table Top/Shooter’s Tripods. A spotting scope needs a suitable tripod to function accurately. If you hold your scope in one hand and increase the magnification level by another one, then the scope will shake, and you cannot focus on your desired objects. You need to keep your scope in steady for better nature observation. So tripod is the ultimate solution. 

Some smaller scopes can be operated without a tripod but for better viewing facility a tripod is must. Which tripod you want to use it’s totally depended on your scope size and weight. If your scope is small, then as usual tripod is ok. On the other hand, if you choose a large size spotting scope, afterwards you need a heavy-duty tripod. 

Tripods included with most of the spotting scopes but not with all. So during purchase be careful tripod is included or not. If not, no problem different style and price ranging tripod available. Otherwise, you can use a camera tripod as your spotting scope tripod because there are no differences between camera tripod and spotting scope tripod. Mounted your scope on a tripod, adjust your body and enjoy the full feature of spotting scope. One thing keep in mind when you go for hiking or traveling always carry a lightweight tripod and scope.

You can read our best spotting scope tripod guide to get ideas for selecting perfect tripod for your new scopes.  

Camera Adapter

When you are interested in photography by your spotting scope, you will need to choose the scope included a camera adapter. Be cautious that a fixed camera adapter is inclusive with the price of the scopes in the most cases, or you have to purchase it separately by spending more money. A well-adjustable adapter will ensure the proper digiscoping, and you will be able to capture the stunning view of nature or colorful bright images of the birds with your scope and camera.  

Waterproofing & Fogproofing

The waterproof and fogproof spotting scope will provide you an added opportunity of using the scope in an extreme atmospheric situation. The scope sealed internally with O-rings and encased the housing with rubber armor can resist the water, dust and debris when your outdoor adventure is for hunting, shooting or prolonged nature observing. The most upgraded scope has the Fogproofing arrangement so that the optical barrel of the scope does not seem dark at the time of observing nature in the weather with high humidity. In respect to such Fogproofing system, the inside of the scope is filling up with the nitrogen gas, and you can see through the scope without experiencing any foggy appearance.